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Me and my friend had five to six years ago an idea that we wanted to play a very good TBS game, but we were not really excited about the actual games in the genre and bored with the old titles. Then came the enlightenment that we should make a game ... Which eventually made an action RPG, but after four years of development, we stopped it all, even though it was so close to the goal. But this is another story. But how would we offer more than those on the market? Will it be better? Will it be like Heroes of Might & Magic 3? Or will it be better? We are not interested in them. We had one that we were creating and what it would be like we wanted. From the engine to the last drawn pixel. We had a lot of ideas we wanted to put in years ago. We thought about HOMM3, but we wanted a whole new one. In this early phase of the development, we want to share the game with you. This is just a pre-alpha version, so there are a lot of gaps in it. Most games what are made in Gmks or Gmks2 need a Directx End-User support to run properly, you can download the setup from here: We would be happy to accept positive and negative reviews and we are curious to how do you like the game so far. The game is have English subtitles.Follow us on Gamejolt for the newest updates too! me pls hard as you can

Level Design Game Graphics

I wish to see this game whit a better builded up graphic design.

3 weeks ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

Its not rare, give some more exciting skin for it.

3 weeks ago


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