DarkTactics demo under development


First game of the indie Mexican software developer : IndieGen. DarkTactics is an Android Roguelike video game that combines games like "Dark Souls" and "Turn-Based Tactics games"


Lamasaurus 7 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
The idea is fun. Really feels like an old school rogue like.

I would rethink the combat of the game. Because as it is now, combat is just not a valid option to complete the level. I first tried fight the three skeletons, but they cornered me, so I had to fight them all and because my attack damage is so low, I could only defeat one before dying myself. Then I restarted and tried to run up and past the skeletons, but that didn't work either because they would just block the way and I had to fight them and die again. So I would try to pay some more detail to level design to give more options to the player. Maybe let the skeletons only come to you when your within a certain radius of them and let there be more paths to the end because the only way I found to finish the level was by directly running right and up to the exit without trying to defeat any of the skeletons.

The slow passe of the game adds to the suspense, but it wouldn't hurt if the enemies took their turn a little faster.

I really like the pixel art graphics and animations.

EDIT: I managed to defeat all skeletons by singling them out and then attacking them. But when I then got to the exit, the game wouldn't end the level and I got stuck.

gdkarthik92 6 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
i like the old school theme for the game.
and the game's concept is pretty neat
for the game design, cant complain .pretty solid
But the mechanics and control.it needs a little bit improvement .

SilentKiller 6 years ago

This game looks awesome but maybe put in a link so online can play too.

SilentKiller 6 years ago

Otherwise, this game looks awesome no roast necessary.
Roast Em


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