Project Strange


It's action-packed puzzle game about computer science that can become dangerous!
With k_OS or LackNet (two operating systems) you have the task of decrypting files by Decrypter.

Destroy servers, create internet connections, play game based on bugs similar to Geometry Dash - there are plenty of possibilities.

Experience a hacker attack, experience great visual effects.

Will you find out what is Project Strange - the title project left by Ethan and what is behind it?


Update 1.1.0 - Ritual: - Fixed a music that turns off in Get_Rekt() mission, - Changed a Git-Bucket website design, - Improved a Decrypter software, - Fixed a bug with trophy notification on Desktop (Decrypter 3.0), - Improved a "Important Notice" in Main Menu, - Improved a Automatic Wallpaper Change system, - Added wallpaper saving (when you change wallpaper or automatically), - Changed icon of "Binary Translator", - Added a "Square World" and "AntiRoot-Virus" as .zip files on Desktop, - Added a ability to create a folders, - Changed icon of "LackNet.iso", - Changed position of "IRC Chat" icon, - Fixed "Ping Pong" ball, - Improved, redesigned Decrypter 2.0 fifth level and fixed a bug (that didn't allow the game to continue), - Improved a Code Merge (changed names and icons), - Cleaned a source code,  - Added a new side quest: "Ritual", - Added two websites, one for side quest ("Ritual"), one for orders (collection of side missions), - Now, GIF files will be taking less RAM memory then before (optimization for RAM memory), - Removed a "Load Game" frame (related with save slots), - Improved a "Nickname" frame (related with save slots), - Improved and redesigned "Login Gamejolt" frame, - Added button for showing the Gamejolt Token, - Improved effects of Ending, - Improved a "First Puzzle" mission, - Improved Prologue, - Fixed a resolution of wallpapers on Desktop, - Added new wallpapers, - Added a ability to change fonts of text under icons, - Removed broken glass effect from Ending, - Added seven new trophies: "Wait a minute...","Educated", "Jokes asides", "Good Ending?", "EXTREME Anti-Virus", "Oh hi mark", "Beginner" - Fixed a multiline in a few edit boxes, - Fixed autoscrolling in a few edit boxes, - Improved "Your Computer" frame.

Update 1.2.0:
- Voice-Acting,
- Improved Ending,
- New easter-eggs!


BackNowhere 2 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve
Hey guys,

I gave the game a few goes and still can't log in. The hint displayed on the first play, but then I couldn't get it to appear again.

I look forward to improvements and will play again soon :)

TheMatiaz0 2 years ago

Thank you for your comment!

We will fix this in the latest update, which will probably come on April 1st.

TheMatiaz0 2 years ago

Okay, update 1.1.5 is now on Gamejolt with new tutorial!

Dankest_Sam 2 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
I can't play the game. I'm Windows 7

TheMatiaz0 2 years ago

Weird. I have Windows 7 too and everything is fine. What error is popping up? Maybe you have an old version of the game? Have you installed game by installer or extracted file .rar?
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