Gambler's Descent


New, updated alpha build available for PC and Android mobile devices!

All new sliding puzzle feature implemented! Solve the puzzle for guaranteed survival, else leave it all to chance!

You have reached the Labyrinth. Word has it that treasure awaits inside, a treasure beyond your wildest dreams. According to legend, a demon resides within the labyrinth. One wrong turn and it’ll all be over. However, you have something those before you did not. A magical pair of dice. One roll can change your fate, allowing you to descend further into the darkness. Will you risk your life for the Demon’s fortune?

Gambler’s Descent is a Puzzle-Survival Game for mobile Android devices. The aim is to descend as far as possible into the Labyrinth, solving its puzzles and using your dice to manipulate your rate of survival. One corridor guarantees safety, whereas the other could lead to your doom. The further you descend, the higher the score!

Added a puzzle feature for players to directly control their rate of survival. Failure to complete the puzzle leaves survival up to chance!


DyingSilence 3 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
The game could be fun if it was properly explained. The number gave me no clue about their meaning. Also, recycling the animation for every turn is a little confusing. The game would benefit greatly from higher definition textures and some bumpmaps.

Overally, the game is bad as it is, but good luck anyways.

PresidentZagan 3 years ago

Nice one :) thanks for the feedback. I'll work on some things.

gdkarthik92 2 years ago

i didnt play the game yet, the game is still in beta, when can we expect the final version of this game?

PresidentZagan 2 years ago

The final version won't be for some time. I was hoping to get some constructive feedback along the way before pushing toward a final release :)

gdkarthik92 2 years ago

cool. let us know abt ur final version

bluexapple 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I tried it and yeah it was pretty cool :D
the only thing that i could advise you is to make the texts bigger with bold effect , they are a bit hard to read and place them in the top of the game's window , they are disturbing and makes you focus too much in the center of the game like if there was gravitation on it , a bigger view of the image makes feel more confortable while playing

luchikill 2 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
At first it was a little confusing. I think that you should add a little more time to resolve the puzzles.
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