Alien Scumbags


Roam the dark coriddors of the Nostrema shuttle,
You are a member of the clean up crew after a catasphrophic accident on board.

Take out the scumbags as Master Chef the Generic Space Marine!

Doom, Aliens and Duke Nukem all mashed together with some retro pixel art.

V3.1 Update details

Tons of bug fixes
Box shards are now physics based
Few graphical tweaks

More levels
Controller support


BackNowhere 3 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Hey great game!

I love the art style and the atmosphere. You have really nailed it.
I'm not sure how far I got though, which made me reluctant to play again after dying.

Keep up the good work

Monsterfingergames 3 years ago

Thanks I am glad you enjoyed playing it!
Can you expand on your feedback regarding not knowing how far you got?

Kindest regards,

BackNowhere 3 years ago

Hi James,

Yeah sorry about that, I only had time last night for a brief look.
I gave it another play today and uploaded the test to YouTube.

My comment was in regard to having no idea at the time whether there where levels, or just one long challenge. I did in fact get super close to the exit on the first play but never saw it :(

Maybe a sign on the wall with 'Level 1' or something at the start just to hint at the structure. How many levels are there btw?

Got a lot further this time. But I would definitely like the option to re spawn at the most recent level. But I'm a content tourist who isn't particularly good at games :)

The enemy warning alarm (very well executed mechanic btw) took a few plays to understand, maybe something in the tutorial about that.

As you can see in the youtube clip I accidentally quit at one point. Maybe put a yes/no check on the quit option.

I don't understand how to combat the rats. Do you shoot them? Try to shake them off? Or just avoid them?

It would be cool if your shots would push the enemies slightly, so you can halt their approach with firepower.

Love the secrets and the score system. Is the final version going to have online leader boards? I would also like an in-game time at the end of the levels/game. I feel like this game could be speedrun quite well.

Anyway I'm going to keep playing and will post any further thoughts that I have.

The vocal SFX (and sound in general) are excellent, did you create them yourself?

Overall great game so far! I look forward to the improvements :)

Regards Daniel

Monsterfingergames 3 years ago

The game is heading in more of a survival horror direction and so the next update will have the character moving slower, a reload mechanic and jumpscares. I may well add a continue screen but at the moment the game only has 5 levels so it's not very long right now.

The music is all done by Stu who I work with and the sound effects are from a website called freesfx, the voice work is me putting on a bad Duke Nukem voice and altering the audio in Audacity lol.

I have put a settings screen in and the voice over work is set to 0 as standard as it takes away the new more tense atmosphere.

InvadeTech 1 year ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
That was actually really fun. I liked the graphics, I liked the music, I liked the characters and the animations. I just didn't know what was going on half the time. For example I didn't know how much health I had or what things caused damage. I'm pretty sure the acid from the ceiling did damage to my character, but there was no feedback like a knock back, or white blinking or sound effect, etc. I didn't really have any idea what my goals were.

Overall, 7/10 would play again.
Roast Em