Coregrounds is a multiplayer tower defense game; being competitive at its core, it is captivating and rewarding not only to play, but also to watch. From epic fails to perfect plays, from minion rushes to slow pushes and from all-in tower attacks to sneaky backdoors Coregrounds delivers an exciting esport experience and yet radiates an indie charm.

  • Beat a challenging and vicious AI
  • Play against friends in private matches
  • Climb the Scoregrounds in ranked matches
  • Unlock dozens of minions, towers and abilities
  • Modify your units and draft the perfect build
  • Unlock colors and customize the Coregrounds
  • Complete more than 100 achievements

An all-new version Coregrounds is coming to Steam!

Join the closed beta starting on April 18th via our Discord-Server.

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Foxar 8 years ago

Game Graphics Physics
From what i think, only minor things need work, like allowing player to ban weapons in lobby screen without waiting for the other player (wait can happen for instance when player makes all his choice and waits for the other player).
Some music would be nice as well.
Other than that i can't think of something, game seems fun for people who enjoy tower defense.

Nekhster 8 years ago

Hey Foxar, thanks for your feedback! :-)

Waiting during the draft phase is necessary because each ban or pick affects the remaining choices, each unit can only be picked once!

As for the music: you're totally right, the music is still a work in progress - we're making something special here! We're building an adaptive background music, that changes depending on what's happening on the Coregrounds at any given time! But that's a little more work than a fixed track... ;-)

Kittykat 6 years ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
Well it is way to complicated to understand and what the heck is the meaning of the game

Lizardsking 3 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
It seems you can make your own towers. That's an interesting mechanic and adds a lot of variation for gameplay.
But I just don't see myself play this without background story. Thats just the same level over and over.
Also I don't understand whats happening on the screen. You need to rethink feedback you give to player of whats every unit and tower do at the exact moment. Also enemies and turrets look the same, you need to make clear difference between one and other.

Ayush_Dutt1 2 years ago

Great work, loved it. Nice graphics and mechanics done, this game is nice to play.
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