A casual RPG for those who like to relax...

Untapped is a highly unfinished WIP and I am releasing it here essentially for Alpha testing.

While lots of effort has gone into the art, music and narrative elements, they are essentially a wrapper for a 'tap simulator'.

Save the world from evil one monster at a time as you travel around defeating your enemies by tapping the moving targets.

The save game feature is fully implemented but using it is unintuitive. You must stand next to one of the beds in the starting house and tap the bed. This will also refill the players health fully.

**Clicking the bottom left corner of the starting bedroom will reset a save game** This will be removed in the next version.

Click or drag items from your inventory to the weapon and gear slots up top. Click a consumable item to use/consume it.

The player must tap or click the screen to move around the game world. Buttons will appear over doors allowing for interaction.

The game was designed to be playable by young children as well as the elderly.

The game was primarily designed to be played in portrait orientation, however since twitter etc hate portraits I have also included landscape orientation.

There are probably about 2 hours of gameplay. Only really the critical path is fleshed out . Dialogue was written in VisualStudio while coding and definately needs a lot of work.

Is this product viable? Is the main question I want to answer.  Would the finished product be something you would play? 

Your feed back is very valuable and I look forward to it :)

PC version release! 

Some NPC animations have been added. But the PC version has a problem with animation timing and overall smoothness of NPCs movement.

Font improvements.

There are some large black spaces on the edge of maps due to larger resolution. And there are some stray items that couldn't be seen before. All will be cleaned up shortly.


Monsterfingergames 3 weeks ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
The graphics are very nice, did you create them?
Found that as my buttons where disabled I couldn't exit the game
The battle system was a cool idea although on my 3rd Battle the orbs appeared under the text box making it hard to fight them.
I would work on the dialogue as the grammar needs some work.

BackNowhere 3 weeks ago

Thank you monster finger!
Yes I did everything except the music.

And yes the dialogue needs alot of work. I wrote pretty much all of it while scripting :)

I will look at the button issue thanks for pointing that out.

Hmm text boxes shouldn't be on the screen during a battle, im not sure what happened :/

Thanks for playing, and I will give your game another crack tonight :)

jestPRO 3 weeks ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
This is a great game I tottallygot into it! I like the game mechanics and I still cannot believe that you've done all the graphics by yourself! Again, great work, keep it up!

BackNowhere 3 weeks ago

Thank you very much jestPRO :)

And thanks for taking the time to play the game.
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