The Quest for Instant Noodles


"The Quest for Instant Noodles" is an action RPG about someone desperate for an unlimited supply of instant noodles. 

The game is now fully complete! If you feel like it, check out my page:


daffyfig33 8 years ago

Love the name of your game, simple and really memorable.

The font in the chat bubbles is really small and I couldn't maximize the window making it difficult to read the text. Also, when chatting, it would be great if pressing the spacebar would just show the entire text, I really hate it when games make you wait for the all the text to show up.

As far as graphics go, the only ones that look out of place are the UI graphics in the top left. The font and colors are generic and plain. For the progress bars, you could add a pixel gradient to give them more detail.

I don't know if this was intended but if you spam the Spacebar while standing in front of an enemy, it doesn't deal damage to the enemy. Also, I randomly died at the very beginning of a level, I think it was because I was on low health an an enemy spawned directly on top of me.

Overall, great game, I hope you'll post regular updates.

Guurd 8 years ago

Hey, thanks for the roast! Most of the issues you mentioned shouldn't take to much time to fix, so that's good. I shouldn't jinx myself though... I actually forgot to fix the spacebar spam bug before posting the game on here, so whoops. I didn't think of posting regular updates, so thanks for bringing that up. I'll for sure post a few updates over the spawn of a couple of weeks. Again, thanks for your feedback. My self confidence as definitely gone up because of it, haha!

tome571 8 years ago

Level Design Controls
I like the simple idea with the arenas and waves. Not intuitive/common controls make it a little difficult to start. Once you get going, the leveling curve is tough. Slimes are a lot easier than bats! All in all, fun to play around with.

Guurd 8 years ago

Hey, thanks for the roast! I'll work on the balancing so it's easier to get into, and technically the bats are weaker since they have less health but higher speed... But I understand what you mean.


bardelean86 8 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
I just have a handful suggestions to make: Make the text match the low-resolution style of the rest of the graphics, assign another key for talking that isn't the same as attacking (just looks weird to attack people while trying to talk to them), enemies take a little too long to kill (I'd prefer just having to fight more each wave), and I ran into a glitch where I could jump into the opening at the top of the hub area and got stuck.

Overall, I think it's a neat game and instant noodles is an interesting motivation for the player.

Guurd 8 years ago

Hey, thanks for the roast! I've changed the font to something that fits more and assigning another key for interacting should only take about five minutes, so... horray! I'll look into balancing the game more to make it more accesible for the player and I'll look into glitch and try to fix it. Again thanks for playing and criticizing!

dadimac 8 years ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
Same as the others, the UI needs some polish and a way of making it feel like it belongs with the rest of the game. The graphics are loveably oldschool.

Kingdox 5 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
its truly interesant the desgin of levels, i think tha is a dungeon crawler roguelike (?
btw, maybe the problem what i see its somes graphcs on the green things, i think these is a bit of grass but doesn't look like that :)

JokerNoob 4 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
The game was amazing! I liked the character designs and environments! One thing that annoyed me a little was one very simple detail that's probably based on my personal preference but... The font... Not the font at the title screen and stuff, but the font for the enemies being killed and the LV, was not in the same pixel style as everything else...
Other than that, amazing game! 9 out of 10!

abcunbekannt 4 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
Very good level design. You have to rework the game graphics. 7,5/10. All in all an amazing game , but it looks like you have stopped working on it.

Hope that`s not true.

malcom1738 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Physics
Nice game, really like the tutorial guy and Npc dialogs but the combat felt a lil dull for me personally and the dash feels more like a blink.

captaingamer 2 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
I played the heck out of the early kings quests so I loved this game. Thanks for the memorable slightly spoofy good time. The font was kind of hard to read in some places. is it a tff font file or art files? Just trying to troubleshoot if maybe i'd reload at a different resolution. best wishes

Mxlin33 2 months ago

UI Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
A bit of a mix of everyone to be honest. Overall great would give it a 7/10 keep the good job.
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