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The game is about staying alive by dodging and destroying as much balls as you can. Grab items to adquire powerfull abilities and protect yourself. Your score will be calculated based on the time you've been alive and how many balls have been destroyed.   Controls:    Use the mouse to move the player.  Press enter key to pause the game.

Snake Labyrinth

Just collect all the coins in the map to win the level! Simple right? But try to do not get stuck with your own body. The game can be played with keyboard arrows or mouse, it's up to you. Looking for some feedback to make improvements to the game! Credits: The music of the game belongs to freesfx.co.uk.

Cannon Ball

Asteroids spawn from the right and we have to detroy them using a Cannon with 2D physics. We can also adquire power ups that will grant us more fire power during some time.   To complete a level you have to destroy all the asteroids that will be spawning during 1 minute. If all asteroids are destroyed the level is cleared! But if one single asteroid reaches the left side of the screen the level is lost and will have to play it again!   Controls:    Use the mouse to aim and hold left button to charge the cannon.  Release the button to shoot the bullet!  Also you can use the ENTER key to pause the game.

Geometric Shooter

Prototype of top down shooter that rises from my first game https://dukebot.itch.io/dodgeball. The objective it's the same: stay alive and destroy as much enemies as you can. This is an early prototype and graphics and lots of things will be improved in the future, this is just the core concept of the game.   Controls: WASD for movement. Left Mouse to shoot primary fire. Right Mouse to shoot secondary fire. Space to use a bomb and clear the screen of enemies! Enter to pause the game.

Path Ball

The objective is simple, just destroy all the blocs to beat the map!   To destoy a bloc you just have to jump on it!   Controls: Use the left and right keys to move! Enter key for open pause menu.   Good luck!

Controls Mechanics

Nice game with a retro feeling. It's fun to play but I've been missing the feature of being able to aim up, down or diagonal. Don't know if that would break the gameplay or not, but I think that they are good features to have in this kind of game.

1 month ago
Level Design

The game is simple but fun, good job! But I have found on the same level too much of the same enemies moving the same way. Maybe it could be a good idea to mix enemies that move in different directions to make things more variated.

1 month ago
Mechanics Physics

Nice game. Simple mechanics but fun. Also the player comments are fun and the level design entertaining.

The game physics look a bit weird with that jumps in a straight line, but it's not a big deal.

1 month ago
Mechanics Animation

Fun game! But it could be improved with some sound and maybe some effects like parallax.

1 month ago
Game Graphics Animation

Yeah, as it says in the description it reminded me a lot of baldur's gate. The idea is good and the graphics are nice aswell, but the animation looks a little bit weird. The character movement feels strange and unnatural. But for the rest of things it's a good game.

1 month ago
Animation Game Graphics

The game is fun and the graphics for the most of the part are nice. But there is too much contrast in the quality of some graphics, for example, the grass or the tomb sprites look much simplier than the rest and it looks weird, because it seems that all sprites have some amount of quality and this two sprites look very simple. The animarions look nice and maybe some background music would enhance the game a little bit!

1 month ago

Very good game! Entertaining and addictive. The idea it's good as it is the execution. Good job!

1 month ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Good game! Original, good mechanics and nice graphics and animations. All looks good but maybe a little more work on level design would improve the game a lot.

1 month ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Nice game overall! But I've found some problems.

The gun casts shadow, which look weird withoud the shadow of the first person body. If you are not including the own characters body in the first person camera, you should remove the pistol shadow because the shadow flotates itself around the map.

Another thing it's that I can shoot the pistol until I have -1 ammo, I thing this is a bug where I can shoot 1 bullet more before reloading.

Also, when not aiming with right mouse button, the bullets do not seem to go to the crosshair.

For the rest of things, very nice game as a solo project, really good work and nice 3D models.

1 month ago

There is no link to download the game. Upload it and I will test and give feedback.

1 month ago
Mechanics Controls

The game is simple, but it's fun to play.

The controls are a little bit hard because the turning rate feels so high sometimes.

Also for the web version it would be nice to hace a two player feature. One controlled with WASD and the other one with keyboard arrows. I think this would be an easy way to include local multiplayer to the game and playing with a friend is more fun than playing against the IA.

By the way good IA programming, it won me the first time I played the game.

1 month ago

The game is very simple but fun at the same time, and the puzzles as you advance throught levels get more challenging.

I like the game graphics that are simple, but the don't look ugly.

Great job, I don't have any negative aspect for this game!

1 month ago

The idea is good, but I think there are some areas that could be improved.

The controls and the physics didn't like me. When you are on a cloud, the cloud moves faster than you and you have to manually move to keep on the cloud, which adds a little bit of difficulty to the game, but it feels weird.

Also I didn't like the controls and the physics of the game.

By the rest of things, it's not a bad game and even if it's a common idea, with some improvements it can be a good experience to play.

1 month ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

Great game with very nice ambientation, love the cyberpunk world.

The game is interesting and original, but I think that the mechanincs are very simple. Punch bad guys and purchase new things for the bar when available. I felt that there was no kind of strategy to pursue to beat the game, but anyway I had fun playing it!

1 month ago
Mechanics Physics

Very entertaining and original game. I've found it hard to beat some levels but I had fun while playing the game.

I have only one "bad thing" to say and it's about game physics. The jump don't feel natural but it's not a big deal, the game it's fun to play anyways.

1 month ago

Thanks for your feedback!

You are right about the borders! I will see how can I slove that problem, maybe changing a little bit the color of background to differenciate the web background from the game background.

1 month ago

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah, I know that the snake is pretty ugly, I am a programmer and drawing it's not one of my strong points. But I will try to update the ugly Snake for a better one in the future.

It's a good idea the lives/attemps things. I will think about adding it to the game.

Thanks again for the feedback!

1 month ago

Thanks for your comment. I will try to improve graphics in the future but first I wanted to have a nice gameplay before investing time in improving graphics.

1 month ago

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Right now as this is an early prototype, I only allowed to play in 1280x720 at windowed mode. I will study it and see how can I adapt this to fit all possible screen sizes, so you don't have the problem when playing on laptop screen.

The game is supposed to run at 60 FPS, and the downloadable version for windows plays smooth. But it's true that the web version feels like running at a lower framerate. I will have to see why this happens.

Thanks again for your words. I will keep improving the game and making updates to it. Any feedback on gameplay will be wellcome as I want to make a fun game that people can enjoy and have fun while playing it.

1 month ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Very simple yet fun! I enjoyed playing this version of the classic snake!

But I found that the speed of the snake grows very fast. Maybe it can't be appreciated on early stages of the game, but when the snake has grown a bit, I think the speed increment it's very high.

Anyway the game is good and fun!

1 month ago
Game Graphics Physics

Great game!

I love the graphics they are really nice. Also It's like an evolution of old games where you expect to move with keyboard or gamepad, but you move with the mouse, I liked this fact because it's like playing old game in a more modern way.

I could not play much time because I've found two bugs that made the game freeze and could not advance in my progress.

The first bug was near the blue cristal that is at the altar with a tree. On the lest there is a small house and when I try to enter I got stuck and could not move but the game did not enter the house. I had to save and load the game.

The second big was at the first battle. I could not hit any of the hands and after that I expected something to happen but the game was like frozen. Animation were still playing but nothing was happenning and I could not move.

Anyway, the game looks really nice and I'm looking forward to see further updates! Good Job.

1 month ago
Game Graphics

Very nice graphics and animations! The look reallt nice. I also like the speedness of the game, it creates a very dinamic gameplay.

1 month ago
Controls Mechanics

Nice fun game! Easy to play and fun!

But I found the bounce of the ball a little bit odd, it didn't bounce in the direction i expect it to bounce. Don't know if this is done on purpose or it's some kind of bug.

Anyway nice game!

1 month ago

Great game! Very simple but it's very funny to play. Also the background music it's very nice.

Played on the web version. Very nice job!

1 month ago

Hello DrJamgo,

I've made and update to the game where now the background of the game it's a little bit brighter so it makes a clear difference when the game screen ends and when the background of the game page starts. Hope this helps!

4 weeks ago
Mechanics Physics

Simple concept game but a good game. The game looks a little bit unfinished because there is no score or no objective or nothing else to do rather than shoot and shoot and shoot.

The idea is good and with a little bit of work could be a finished game. The physics need a little bit of work, like "LostDutchman" said in his comment, shooting while jumping should add a little bit of power to the shoot.

Anyway good work, with some polishments this can be a good game!

4 weeks ago

Thank you for playing the game and for the feedback. As this is an early prototype, controller support it's not implemented. But I will try to add in on the upcoming updates! Also never implemented gamepad support for any game, so this will be an oportunity for learning how to do that.

3 weeks ago

Hello NeilCudeny,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

You are totally right about what you've said and I will try to improve the game taking into account your suggestions.

Thanks so much for sharing ideas and helping me to improve the game!

2 weeks ago

Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback. I take note of suggestion and will try to improve the game on the next update.

Thanks again!

2 weeks ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Good music and charming graphics! The game concept it's good but the game has some weakness that can be improved.

No feedback about how to play or what to do, had to try different things until I figured out what to do.

The game idea is good but the game it's too easy. You just spawn undead and then wait to win the map, Youu just spawn things and win, there no strategy or difficulty.

Of course all of this things can be improved. The game idea it's really nice and the graphics and music fit the game perfectly. Good job and good luck on the next updates!

2 weeks ago

In which level happened this? Never encountered this bug before. If you can give me more detail maybe I can reproduce and fix it.

Thanks for playing!

1 week ago

Thanks for your feedback and playing!

I take note of the things to mention to imprive the game in future versions.

3 days ago



Dodge This

Snake Labyrinth