Rise of the Kal-Rul


An online RPG to take you back to a simpler time, where you complete quests, explore, level up, get skills, and even kill animals by beating them to death with that femur you found!


skusku 8 years ago

UI Graphics Game Graphics
- Make movement speed independent of deltaTime
- Everything takes forever to load :/
- I have 60 fps when going out of a menu but as soon as I click somewhere it drops down to under 30
- The lack of sounds and music made me finally quit after 10 minutes. I tried to do the first quest but there were more raccoons than rabbits. Also I don't generally take orders from squares with numbers in them.

- I like the fighting system. That left - right thingy, it's cool.
- The UI looks very polished, compared to the rest, nice job here.
- What do rabbit's buy in rabbit land with rabbit silver ?

Lomaz 8 years ago

Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback!
A couple of the things you mentioned have been fixed on my dev server (FPS drop, spawn rates)

PS: Rabbits don't buy anything, they just like to rock mad bling

SilentKiller 5 years ago

Game Graphics
This game is really fun I loved playing it and I love the 8-bit style of it and want to join this discord chat because I'm looking for good devs I am a one man team right now and want to get at least 10 devs in this group and make games together. https://discord.gg/xSGCHPr

DEVGAME_OU 5 years ago

Game Graphics Animation
Cool game with great potential! Check mine too

Berneons 4 years ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
I like mechaanics,but you need work on UI :)

stinkypixel 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics
Nice i like it but put more for graphic.Graphic is ok but its like low count details :)
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