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A casual RPG for those who like to relax...Untapped is a highly unfinished WIP and I am releasing it here essentially for Alpha testing.While lots of effort has gone into the art, music and narrative elements, they are essentially a wrapper for a 'tap simulator'.Save the world from evil one monster at a time as you travel around defeating your enemies by tapping the moving targets.The save game feature is fully implemented but using it canbe unintuitive. You can stand next to one of the beds in the starting house and tap the bed. This will also refill the players health fully. The game also saves upon quitting if you use the 'Save and Quit' button from the player inventory panel.Click or drag items from your inventory to the weapon and gear slots up top.  Weapons, amulets and armour will all be automatically assigned to their correct slot by double clicking on them.Click a consumable item to use/consume it.The player must tap or click the screen to move around the game world. Buttons will appear over doors allowing for interaction.The game was designed to be playable by young children as well as the elderly.There are probably about 2 hours of gameplay. Only really the critical path is fleshed out . Is this product viable? Is the main question I want to answer.  Would the finished product be something you would play? Your feed back is very valuable and I look forward to it :)

Heroes vs Skulls

A cooperative FPS. No account necessary. Just download, and play!Battle the Skulls as they increase in speed and numbers.Your rate of fire increases every wave! It starts slowly, but gets insane.Up to 4 players per room. Max of 50 players on the matchmaking server :(Can also be played as a single player game.Standard controls, left mouse to shoot, shift to sprint, space to jump.All dead players are revived as long as one player can kill all the tictacs in the wave.Health spawns at fixed spots on the map. They are easy to find, just look for the giant green beacon.When tictacs die they drop ammunition. Share this with your freinds as you don't want to run out.The UI needs alot of work. You can see your health of the left side of the screen in very small writing. Ammo also. Not ideal I know.There is currently no sound... I have made all this in the last 2 weeks :)expect major bugs, especially with the networking. but it is stable enough to have good games as long as people dont leave and join like crazy. Still working on a title as well.Have fun playing and please let me know what you think :)RegardsDaniel Griffin

Moon Rover Run

Hey guys, just released this title after 3 weeks dev time and I need some feedback :)Tap left or right on the screen to maneuver your rover as far as possible through the asteroid onslaught! Tap the middle of the screen to activate your shield.★ Earn upgrades and power-ups!★ Global Leaderboards for distance and score!★ Retro style, pixel art graphics!★ Sci-Fi soundtrack!Developed by Daniel Griffin.Published by Back of Nowhere Studios 2019.     COLLAPSE  

Mechanics Controls

Hey great idea with this one, I can definitely see the value in this game.

I did however find the difficulty curve at the beginning to be just slightly too steep. I enjoyed earning the popcorn gun, only to be frustrated out of continuing by my inability to earn the next upgrade in the next few tries (I got to 28 before buying the popcorn gun but just didn't get the 30).

It may be beneficial to tweak the game play to allow for a faster progression in the beginning, in order to draw more players into becoming invested long term. Making the second upgrade cheaper, lowering the hp of the seagulls, or increasing the damage of the popcorn gun could all be possible solutions in this regard.

I also found myself stumbling over the controls more often than I would like to admit. For me at least the space bar would be a more appropriate Jump and Left Ctrl a better shoot.

This is however all completely subjective and should be taken as just the opinion of one person.

Variety in the music would also be a benefit.

All in all great product and I look forward to the improvements :)

1 year ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Hey Cardboardbox,

Great puzzle you have made! I have played to Easy 3-4 and it was both challenging and enjoyable.

The puzzles are intuitive and rewarding and I feel like the tutorial and difficulty curve are good at teaching.

My only thought is that it wasn't very apparent how far I had progressed while playing. I would have liked to know how far I got overall, or just to be able to see which level I am currently on.

Good work and look forward to the improvements.


Daniel Griffin

1 year ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Hey great game!

I love the art style and the atmosphere. You have really nailed it.
I'm not sure how far I got though, which made me reluctant to play again after dying.

Keep up the good work

1 year ago

Thank you monster finger!
Yes I did everything except the music.

And yes the dialogue needs alot of work. I wrote pretty much all of it while scripting :)

I will look at the button issue thanks for pointing that out.

Hmm text boxes shouldn't be on the screen during a battle, im not sure what happened :/

Thanks for playing, and I will give your game another crack tonight :)

1 year ago
Controls Level Design

Hey good job on your first game :)

I played about 10 times and every time my score was close to 1000.
It seems that with the speed increasing and the obstacles becoming more frequent, a ceiling is created.

I would suggest just increasing the speed until much further into the run. Also you might want to look at increasing the speed incrementally rather than constantly. Small pauses in the acceleration would give the player a break and probably make the engagement curve more interesting.

Had a lot of fun playing CubeRun and hope to see it improve.

P.s. Love the music setting, makes this highly playable IMO :)

1 year ago
Mechanics Controls

Hey FEDRON, how are you?

Nice work on Tank Attack by the way :)

I streamed my test to YouTube, If you want you can watch it here:

As you can see I was not the best haha, but I did improve a little :)

I would have loved a small boost, like a dodge :) maybe even with some invincibility frames so I can stay alive longer and feel more awesome.

I would also have liked to drive my tank straight through everything haha. Well at least the trees and small stuff.

A loading and reloaded sound effect would be nice. And you should try to layer in some heavier 'crash' 'boom' sfx on top of the shoot you already have.

I'm not sure without testing again but maybe increasing the speed of the turret rotation and reloading would make for a more engaging experience?

I would love to test again if you make changes. Or perhaps you could add a config file with all the values so we can play around and see what we like :)

Anyway thanks for the fun and keep up the good work.

1 year ago

Thank you very much jestPRO :)

And thanks for taking the time to play the game.

1 year ago

Hi James,

Yeah sorry about that, I only had time last night for a brief look.
I gave it another play today and uploaded the test to YouTube.

My comment was in regard to having no idea at the time whether there where levels, or just one long challenge. I did in fact get super close to the exit on the first play but never saw it :(

Maybe a sign on the wall with 'Level 1' or something at the start just to hint at the structure. How many levels are there btw?

Got a lot further this time. But I would definitely like the option to re spawn at the most recent level. But I'm a content tourist who isn't particularly good at games :)

The enemy warning alarm (very well executed mechanic btw) took a few plays to understand, maybe something in the tutorial about that.

As you can see in the youtube clip I accidentally quit at one point. Maybe put a yes/no check on the quit option.

I don't understand how to combat the rats. Do you shoot them? Try to shake them off? Or just avoid them?

It would be cool if your shots would push the enemies slightly, so you can halt their approach with firepower.

Love the secrets and the score system. Is the final version going to have online leader boards? I would also like an in-game time at the end of the levels/game. I feel like this game could be speedrun quite well.

Anyway I'm going to keep playing and will post any further thoughts that I have.

The vocal SFX (and sound in general) are excellent, did you create them yourself?

Overall great game so far! I look forward to the improvements :)

Regards Daniel

1 year ago

Nice work! I very much like the third level with the boss :)

Overall I think the game is well balanced and developed. Though additions would probably enrich it.

I really like the narrative intro.

Looking forward to improvements :)

1 year ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hey guys,

I gave the game a few goes and still can't log in. The hint displayed on the first play, but then I couldn't get it to appear again.

I look forward to improvements and will play again soon :)

1 year ago
Mechanics Game Graphics


I have uploaded my play test to YouTube in case it helps :)

I think you have done really well with Spook Troop, it seems to run as expected and bug free :)

As usual I sucked at the game... I would definitely play longer if I wasn't dying so frequently. Not sure what your plans for the game are but probably tweaking it so the average run is around 2-5 mins would be a benefit for the mobile market.

I think the graphics are appropriate but also probably the weakest point of a strong production.

Good work and look forward to improvements. I will gladly play any updates you post :)


Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Hey JC, Great game!

I very much enjoyed my play through, despite not understanding the power ups properly.

I streamed my test to YouTube in case you want to check it out.

I like where your going with the music but it probably could use a couple more iterations.

For me the jump felt floaty. I would definitely increase the gravity after the peak of the jump just so he comes down a bit faster. But this is subjective.

I felt some of the stalagmites on the floor in the caves looked a lot like they would damage me :)

I really like the enemy movement and the way they can be weaponised against other enemies. Coupled with the power ups (which again I didn't realise existed) makes for a very engaging platformer.

Really good work man, I can't wait to see how it improves :)


Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Knowing all that I will stream another play through tomorrow :)

1 year ago
Mechanics Level Design


From what you have presented here I think your mechanics are solid. Although you have presented quite little so it is hard to give a lot of feedback :)

I uploaded my play test to YouTube in case you want to check it out:

I think the camera needs work. You can't see much in front while underway.

The first level of the campaign seems unbeatable? You can check the game play footage but I tried twice and couldn't seem to progress.

All in all it seems to work as intended and bug free but as for the viability of the product I cannot say. There is nothing currently that would make me want to play this more than any of the other bullet hell style shooters on the market.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's not clear from this demo what the core mechanic is that makes your game interesting, and makes me want to play.

Hope the feed back is useful, and I look forward to updates :)


Daniel Griffin

1 year ago
Level Design

Hey Warpzone,

Good work with this update :) I found the game a lot more enjoyable and challenging with the campaign working.

As you can see from the video I have no idea how to combat the second and third bosses effectively. The first boss is great, he slow enough I feel like I can avoid most of his attacks.

The generated boss mechanic is very cool.

I'm interested to see what you add next.


Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

I forgot to add the link to the stream.

1 year ago

Thank you NightZard :)

Yes I know what you mean, the main character was the first pixel character I ever made XD. She will definitely become an NPC.

Good suggestion on the controls. I will implement it for sure.

Thanks again for taking the time to play and roast :)

1 year ago

Thank you Ryan for your feedback :)

Your right about object placement. The maps are basically advanced prototypes at this point. But there is not yet a consistent use of objects.

I do have some question and one day I will take you up on your offer.

Thanks again for taking the time to play, and I would love it if you had time to play the next release :)


Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Thank you NetprogsGames for taking the time to play and give such quality feedback :)

Sorry I have not been very active on the site, in a few weeks I will be resuming work on the project and implementing\fixing all the issues raised here on

I will be releasing the update here and I would love if you had the time to give it another go :)

Anyway thanks again,

Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Thank you pikku-a!

The battle system is actually the whole game really XD

I added everything else to make it more engaging than just taping circles. But the core game play is still tapping circles, and I want to make it as enjoyable an experience as possible. I'm very glad to hear that you like it :)

I will be fixing all the issues raised here and doing a re-release soon.

Thank you for taking the time to play and review.

Daniel Griffin

1 year ago
Controls Level Design


I streamed my play test to youtube in case your interested in wathching :)

At first I was impressed by the quality of the production, higher that average on this site IMO.

The game play and graphics were instantly engaging, and there seemed to be a bit more there with the text on the map (I really like this idea btw) and so on.

But it wore off quickly as the levels became repetitious and the obstacles and settings don't seem to impact heavily.

I feel that this is a marketable product, that would be helped by further development to add variety and polish.

Looking forward to the next release :)

Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

P.S. The riots were really cool :)

1 year ago
Game Graphics


Looks good man, but how can I play it? :)

1 year ago

Thanks Yoshizzle for taking the time to play! And sorry for the late response... A lot of features have been added but it still has a long way to go.

Almost all the issues you raised have been fixed if you want to try again :)

Anyway thanks again for playing.

Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Hello AMastryukov, thanks for taking the time to play, and for providing such useful feedback :)

The collision on the enemies has been completely reworked. It is now much more accurate.

The player is now always sprinting, but that is also crap...

The in-game options are being developed now.

Gameplay is still mediocre. I'm going to add an 'aggro' system but that will only affect multiplayer. If anyone has ideas for simple and effective novel mechanics then I am all ears :)

Thanks again for playing and reviewing.

Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Hello AMastryukov, thanks for taking the time to play, and for providing such useful feedback :)

The collision on the enemies has been completely reworked. It is now much more accurate.

The player is now always sprinting, but that is also crap...

The in-game options are being developed now.

Gameplay is still mediocre. I'm going to add an 'aggro' system but that will only affect multiplayer. If anyone has ideas for simple and effective novel mechanics then I am all ears :)

Thanks again for playing and reviewing.

Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Hey Nanuk, thanks for playing and taking the time to write the roast :)

Ok, the motion blur. I added it mainly to add some interpolation to the projectiles, which tend to move too quickly to look nice (IMO). But now I'm definitely going to add an option to disable it. Maybe adding FOV options? And do you mean the head bobbing while running is too intense? I will assume you do as I feel the same :)

And you are spot on about the gameplay. The project is as much a market experiment as anything else and the goal was simplicity. Having said that I feel very strongly about trying to make my products unique and engaging. This one still falls short of the mark and I am very open to suggestions :)

I am adding an 'aggro' mechanic but that will only affect gameplay when there are multiple players.

Controls are out of the box unity systems with some modifications. It is the plan to rebuild them from scratch.

I'm doing another release this week. There is new cover art, new player character and much more. I would love it if you managed to have another crack at some point :)

Thanks again for taking the time to play and review.

Daniel Griffin

1 year ago

Alien Scumbags

Super Frog's Quest

Dungeon of dawn Alpha