A casual RPG for those who like to relax...

Untapped is a highly unfinished WIP and I am releasing it here essentially for Alpha testing.

While lots of effort has gone into the art, music and narrative elements, they are essentially a wrapper for a 'tap simulator'.

Save the world from evil one monster at a time as you travel around defeating your enemies by tapping the moving targets.

The save game feature is fully implemented but using it canbe unintuitive. You can stand next to one of the beds in the starting house and tap the bed. This will also refill the players health fully. The game also saves upon quitting if you use the 'Save and Quit' button from the player inventory panel.

Click or drag items from your inventory to the weapon and gear slots up top.  Weapons, amulets and armour will all be automatically assigned to their correct slot by double clicking on them.

Click a consumable item to use/consume it.

The player must tap or click the screen to move around the game world. Buttons will appear over doors allowing for interaction.

The game was designed to be playable by young children as well as the elderly.

There are probably about 2 hours of gameplay. Only really the critical path is fleshed out . 

Is this product viable? Is the main question I want to answer.  Would the finished product be something you would play? 

Your feed back is very valuable and I look forward to it :)

PC version release! 

Some NPC animations have been added. But the PC version has a problem with animation timing and overall smoothness of NPCs movement.

Font improvements.

There are some large black spaces on the edge of maps due to larger resolution. And there are some strat items that couldn't be seen before. All will be cleaned up shortly.

Dialogue improvements.
More characters and animations.
Many other expansions...


Monsterfingergames 2 years ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
The graphics are very nice, did you create them?
Found that as my buttons where disabled I couldn't exit the game
The battle system was a cool idea although on my 3rd Battle the orbs appeared under the text box making it hard to fight them.
I would work on the dialogue as the grammar needs some work.

BackNowhere 2 years ago

Thank you monster finger!
Yes I did everything except the music.

And yes the dialogue needs alot of work. I wrote pretty much all of it while scripting :)

I will look at the button issue thanks for pointing that out.

Hmm text boxes shouldn't be on the screen during a battle, im not sure what happened :/

Thanks for playing, and I will give your game another crack tonight :)

jestPRO 2 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
This is a great game I tottallygot into it! I like the game mechanics and I still cannot believe that you've done all the graphics by yourself! Again, great work, keep it up!

BackNowhere 2 years ago

Thank you very much jestPRO :)

And thanks for taking the time to play the game.

NightZardProductions 2 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
This game looks amazing.Although saying that, the main character doesn't look good. But everything else looks pretty sweet. I think that you should change the controls. Instead of click to move maybe, you should change it so the player uses the 'W A S D' keys or the arrow keys to move. The music was also good. Keep working on this game and it could be something amazing! :D

BackNowhere 2 years ago

Thank you NightZard :)

Yes I know what you mean, the main character was the first pixel character I ever made XD. She will definitely become an NPC.

Good suggestion on the controls. I will implement it for sure.

Thanks again for taking the time to play and roast :)

NightZardProductions 2 years ago

Yeah no problem dude! Just keep working on this game and I think it will turn out to be an awesome game. Well done!

ryanmccx 2 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I felt this was an interesting, arcade-like experience. The graphics, despite their plainness, are actually beneficial for this kind of game, as it provides a Mario-like feel but with a brand new twist. I found this at around a 6/10, and would recommend advancing this but in doing so, you need to work on the levels. I kept running into things that were unnecessarily placed. Contact me if you have questions; I'm a game consultant and would love to help.

BackNowhere 2 years ago

Thank you Ryan for your feedback :)

Your right about object placement. The maps are basically advanced prototypes at this point. But there is not yet a consistent use of objects.

I do have some question and one day I will take you up on your offer.

Thanks again for taking the time to play, and I would love it if you had time to play the next release :)


Daniel Griffin

NetprogsGames 2 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I only ran through about the first 10 minutes or so of the game (due to me sucking at combat, more below) but figured any feedback would be helpful.

I'm not sure I like the "GO" on every loading page. I can see how it could be useful for some people, but can it be optional?

I commend you for the battle system, it's a unique design. Although I wasn't really able to get the hang of it while playing so far, but I do like it. I was using PC and it felt a bit awkward, but I'm thinking this probably works really well for touch/tablet/phone. Also, it might be handy to have some kind of practice area for the combat that doesn't result in the player dying if they fail.

The graphics are nice, well done. There are some quirks I noticed but I think those are mostly polishing things you haven't gotten around to since this is just Alpha. Also maybe consider allowing multiple save files for multiple players or allowing anyone to save at various stages throughout the game.

I think you are on the right track for sure, keep at it!

BackNowhere 2 years ago

Thank you NetprogsGames for taking the time to play and give such quality feedback :)

Sorry I have not been very active on the site, in a few weeks I will be resuming work on the project and implementing\fixing all the issues raised here on RoastMyGame.com.

I will be releasing the update here and I would love if you had the time to give it another go :)

Anyway thanks again,

Daniel Griffin

Dukebot 5 months ago

Game Graphics Physics
Great game!

I love the graphics they are really nice. Also It's like an evolution of old games where you expect to move with keyboard or gamepad, but you move with the mouse, I liked this fact because it's like playing old game in a more modern way.

I could not play much time because I've found two bugs that made the game freeze and could not advance in my progress.

The first bug was near the blue cristal that is at the altar with a tree. On the lest there is a small house and when I try to enter I got stuck and could not move but the game did not enter the house. I had to save and load the game.

The second big was at the first battle. I could not hit any of the hands and after that I expected something to happen but the game was like frozen. Animation were still playing but nothing was happenning and I could not move.

Anyway, the game looks really nice and I'm looking forward to see further updates! Good Job.

BackNowhere 5 months ago


First of all thanks for playing, I really appreciate it :)

As for having such a broken experience, that really sucks. I wish I could have seen your playthrough. I would guess that either your hardware is different enough from mine to cause issues (I really hope not, as I have very limited avenues for testing) or that you simply played the game in a way that I had not forseen, and encountered the bugs as a result (unfortunately common).

After the blue crystal scene, Father appears and gives you a key. The key is used to open the small house to the left. Inside is a powerful weapon that you are meant to use to defeat the first battle. Currently I believe it is very possible to break the beginning by doing anything other than just attacking the first enemy.

Again thanks for playing, and I'm sorry you didn't get to experience much of the 3-4 hours of content I have built :/

*heart sinks at the thought of debugging it all*


Elad749 4 months ago

Game Graphics Animation
It looks like stardew valley graphics. really like them

RL_Studios 3 months ago

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