The game is about staying alive by dodging and destroying as much balls as you can. Grab items to adquire powerfull abilities and protect yourself. Your score will be calculated based on the time you've been alive and how many balls have been destroyed.   Controls:    Use the mouse to move the player.  Press enter key to pause the game.

Background a little bit brighter.

Added option to play full screen.

Added option to rezise the game window (only for the windows version).


DrJamgo 2 weeks ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
That was fun!
+ It is really fun to Play and it gets more and more intense over time.. well done!
+ The sounds are perfect :-) .. I still hear the boink..boink in my head..
+ It is really easy to get into and understand the game..

- I found it difficult to make out the game field boundaries, it is all just stars and I dont know where the balls will bounce off..


Dukebot 1 week ago

Thanks for your feedback!

You are right about the borders! I will see how can I slove that problem, maybe changing a little bit the color of background to differenciate the web background from the game background.

Dukebot 16 hours ago

Hello DrJamgo,

I've made and update to the game where now the background of the game it's a little bit brighter so it makes a clear difference when the game screen ends and when the background of the game page starts. Hope this helps!
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