Last Joy


Last Joy is a 2D story-driven RPG with a unique combat system. The setting of the game represents the Early Middle Ages period, magic is in charge of all spheres of life and people in this world are immortal. They do not grow old and die of their own free will.

While developing the game we have been inspired by the depth of classic RPG worlds, such as Baldur's Gate, and the style of Darkest Dungeon. This game tells about the reasons why people, even in difficult situations, hold on to life or, on the contrary, give up too early. It raises questions about the purpose of existence of each individual.

The game takes place in the city of Last Joy, located at the entrance to the afterworld. People go there to dissipate the last money they have and end their lives. The city atmosphere is pretty much like Sigil from the Planescape setting. Gangs, brothels, taverns, almost absolute anarchy.


- 2D scroller for PC/mobile platforms

- Hand-painted (watercolor) assets

- Branching Dialogue and Quest systems

- Various skills and parameters

- Complex match3 combat

- Dynamic Events

- Interactive environment and items

- Nonlinear story and different endings

- Puzzles and riddles

- Multiple companions with their own story arcs

- Deep lore

Demo link

At this stage we have a playable demo (30 minutes of gameplay). All features have been implemented, visual style of the game has been designed, pipeline of content creation has been polished.

  • First chapter
  • Different companions and their storyline
  • More cool lore


SlimRam13 1 year ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I played up until after the gang leader (Murano) fight. I found the secret letter, but I didn't know what to do after that. I assume that was the end point of the demo. Anyways, my thoughts and critiques:

- There really needs to be an option to change the screen resolution and/or be able to play in window mode. Playing this game on my monitor native resolution (3440x1440) made it unwieldy to play. It also made the tutorial highlights appear in the wrong place and the 2nd paragraph of the Murano letter appear off the page. I got around this by changing my monitor resolution to 1920 x 1080.

- The learning curve is a bit steep. The first against the gang mansion guards was too difficult to be a first tutorial fight. Then again, I'm a noob to match 3 rpg combat; It probably took me a little longer to get the hang of the combat.

+ I really like the medieval watercolor art style. Some players may not like the characters walking animation, but I thought it really added to the ascetics.

- The only thing I didn't like about the art was that it was kind of hard to tell which objects and entry ways could be selected. There were times where I had to repeatedly scan my mouse over the screen to find searchable containers that I might have missed. Suggestion: make the containers that can be opened a bit more noticeable (eg: like the drawer in the Maruno's room: make it look like it has been left half open. This will give players a clue that the drawer can be selected).

- Dumb question: but is Ethan (the knight) a guy? He/She kind of looks like Brienne of Tarth, so I assumed Ethan was a she.

+ I like that certain conversation choices leads to more conversation options/continues on the conversation.

- Suggestion: the Rouge attacks should do extra damage to poisoned enemies. She sort become useless in combat (except for using her turn to match pieces) after all of the enemies have been poison.

+ I like that some of the pieces will wiggle to show the player that there is still a potential match on the board. There were a couple times were I got stuck and waited for the "wiggles" to show me a solution (i know, i'm bad at puzzles).

+ The rouge character looks like a goth version of Rosario Dawson.

BTW, I found this game via the Feedback Friday thread on reddit. If you have spare time, roast my game (see profile).

Twofaced 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your feedback! Nobody tested the game on high res before. I suppose you didn't use 'alt' to highlight objects. Maybe I should put it in tutorial... Poison in my system is accumulating debuff till the end of the battle. And believe me it's very useful since it destroys the block and allow your character to stun/crit the enemy then.
I wonder why nobody tries the pacifist way without killing every guard inside :D

equinox 1 year ago

Game Graphics
Very good graphics. Beautiful the characters and their faces. The artist has a good man to draw sprite.

Dukebot 6 months ago

Game Graphics Animation
Yeah, as it says in the description it reminded me a lot of baldur's gate. The idea is good and the graphics are nice aswell, but the animation looks a little bit weird. The character movement feels strange and unnatural. But for the rest of things it's a good game.
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