basketball time


test out some trick shots in this game because it is so awesome you will need to play it again


LostDutchman 6 days ago

This is not a game yet so it needs a lot of work but I am going to assume that you are looking for feedback on the overall feel of throwing the ball into the hoop. The mechanic of charging your shot with the mouse works but I find it boring. I can jump while shooting the ball but is does not seem to make much of a difference to the shot (unlike in real basketball). I think this is a concept that could be fun in VR with motion controls, but on a monitor with a mouse you will need to add a bit more to keep it interesting.

Dukebot 13 hours ago

Mechanics Physics
Simple concept game but a good game. The game looks a little bit unfinished because there is no score or no objective or nothing else to do rather than shoot and shoot and shoot.

The idea is good and with a little bit of work could be a finished game. The physics need a little bit of work, like "LostDutchman" said in his comment, shooting while jumping should add a little bit of power to the shoot.

Anyway good work, with some polishments this can be a good game!
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