Cloudy: Make It Rain


A Simple Cute Game where youcontrol a cloud and rain on trees, while avoiding the wind and collecting clouds to grow.


electrithm 4 years ago

Game Graphics Animation Reply

MrDave 4 years ago

UI Graphics Level Design
I know tutorial levels should be easy but I still found the tutorial level too slow. Fun when you get into the main game though.

Vegeta 3 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
I tried to test it out but the page wouldn't load.

SilentKiller 2 years ago

It seems pretty fun but put rain clouds more often

SilentKiller 2 years ago

or have them expand your cloud more otherwise great

MrPeace 2 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve
your game is pretty cool. I like it

FluffyPawsGames 1 year ago

Controls Tutorial/Learning Curve
The tutorial was a bit slow and it seemed it's not gonna end. The game itself was better but maybe too fast in a later phase. What I missed the most were sounds. The game was kinda dull without any sound or music.

SHAYMEX 1 year ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Hm. Some sound effects should be added to make more of a realistic experience along with parallax scrolling with more depth. Little things like these could actually make a difference as it will hype the player. If you continued going more depth I think the game would be pretty fun. Tutorial need work too.

Bund187 9 months ago

Level Design Mechanics
I really like the idea you can take a lot from it. It is simple but challenging, maybe sometimes too much. You have to position the clud a bit forward to rain over the trees but if you do that you cant avoid the tornados, that´s something to think about it. Also think about adding some more content, the game works as it is but it need more action.

Quackling 9 months ago

Controls Level Design
Could think about how to extend the concept beyond single trees on the ground e.g. objects to avoid watering.

Dukebot 9 months ago

Mechanics Animation
Fun game! But it could be improved with some sound and maybe some effects like parallax.

harshpoddar 5 months ago

The game can use more frequent water clouds.

future-games 3 months ago

Level Design
Great game! I got a better score on my second game then my first, which is weird, because the first was a tutorial. I really enjoyed the game, I suggest you improve the collision detection, and sometimes I thought it would be better if the sky was slightly taller.

KlockedOutGames 3 months ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Story/Writing/Dialogue
Was a decent little game, maybe the rain could be more responsive to where i want it to go, like slightly in front of where it goes.
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