Labyrinth of the Cube 2


In this game you need to avoid some cubes-monsters and to reach the finish line, as in the first game, but this game has more levels and more cubes-monsters. 


Red_Phantom_RP 4 years ago

Level Design Mechanics
Ok so, the game was fun.

Bad/good news - there's lots of room for improvement.

You are able to improve the game in many ways:
- Graphics (you could improve any/every sprite if you wanted to)
- Animation of the cubes
- Music
- Programming

Good news - I'm willing to help you make some better sprites, by sending you some edits of your own sprites. What I'll need is: the sprites of all the cubes, to edit the main image then animate them.If you want I can also provide you with a similar but much more aesthetic wall, and perhaps a better flag too.

When I say programming I mean you need to fix the fact that you can't move in the 4 diagonal directions (up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right).
If you show me your code/DnD I can help you.

Penteliuc 4 years ago

Thank you very much for your review and I would really like your help.

Dukebot 4 years ago

Level Design
The game is simple but fun, good job! But I have found on the same level too much of the same enemies moving the same way. Maybe it could be a good idea to mix enemies that move in different directions to make things more variated.

Penteliuc 4 years ago

Hey, thank you for roast ^_^
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