The 1485


Welcome to 1485, where a casual adventure awaits. Build your way up to royalty, or simply find a way out of this medieval hellhole.

In this game you can experience:
* adventure story
* medieval life simulator
* noble career simulation
and more.

Cheat code( menu -> cheat) that gives you one set and 100 coins: "kickstart"

I hope you like it.


JustinKlasnic 3 years ago

Game Graphics
I love this garphics! Very nice

vladyslu 3 years ago

Thank you

ZbyszekKielbasa 3 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Pixel art looks great, but why do you die when your mood reaches 0? At least give me a warning that if I do any action that will consume mood when I have mood around 10 I will die. Music is good too.

vladyslu 3 years ago

I agree. I had to make a warning or just give him some debuffs. Thank you for your feedback.

devbobcz 3 years ago

Game Graphics
I want url where it can be runned. I try to download it, but browser dont want open your unity wasm project. :(
From video - i like your graphic art style.
later i roast it again.

vladyslu 3 years ago

that is weird. If you tried it on your phone, it may not work. However, any pc with an updated browser should run. there is an android version on the google store if you want to try that one. Here is the link

devbobcz 3 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Hi vladyslu,
I finaly play your nice game on my android phone (xiaomi mi a2 lite). And it looks wery well,
I like your game story, my english is not soo good, but i undestand im naked man in forest and i need stay live.
In game are many funny dialogs. :) They dont want me in village, because naked man, funny :D I like music.

on my opinion, i found this litle problems:
- where i can found some wood sticks (i need 20 of than, but im totaly lost where to find it? :D )
- dialogs are long for dialog area (more in )

Here are some ui screenshots with problems where i meet

Stay work on it. it will be great story game .

vladyslu 3 years ago

Thank you. I appreciate that you checked my game. I will try to fix it. However, the game story is complete so that you may finish the game If you want. You can get sticks by gathering and collect wood with an axe after crafting it. I have a couple of more projects to finish now, so I will try to fix these issues later.

Dukebot 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics
I had a nice time playing this game! Managed to collect almost the 10000 coins to pay the doctor. For me the fastet way was to cut wood and then selling it, the jobs felt too slow to farm money, but I don't know if there was a faster way.

The game crashed at some point with a pop up in the navigator telling me something about out of memory. I can send you screenshoot of the error message if you want. Anyway I had a nice time playing the game and probably I will try again to see further things.

Good job.
Roast Em


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