Pongis is an ultra-simple and fun football (soccer) game that will make you happy forever.


BadFoxStudios 1 year ago

Animation Controls
The characters are very cute, and wobble around in a hilarious fashion. The game is simple but it suits it, the only issue i had were the overly sensitive controls when changing directions that made it very difficult to play. I was smashed by the AI at first as I was getting used to the controls, so either adjusting them for ease of use or implementing different difficulties would be a good idea!

Karg 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
i liked the concept of it and the graphics are stylish.

it feels like the avatar has too much inertia and it's very difficult to approach the ball on the trajectory you'd like. also, the interaction between ball and avatar seems not predictable. frankly, all goals i scored were by weird feels like by lucky mistakes :D

Dukebot 1 year ago

Mechanics Controls
The game is simple, but it's fun to play.

The controls are a little bit hard because the turning rate feels so high sometimes.

Also for the web version it would be nice to hace a two player feature. One controlled with WASD and the other one with keyboard arrows. I think this would be an easy way to include local multiplayer to the game and playing with a friend is more fun than playing against the IA.

By the way good IA programming, it won me the first time I played the game.

WafflesG 1 year ago

The concept seems very promising but the player's touch visual feedback is too noisy. I would put the score GUI outside the field.
(Ps. The replay system is just impressive tho)

MathiasTaki 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
The game visual aspect is cute and it works. I like the simplicity of the design.

I think I was bothered most by the controls as I had my finger over the ball most of the time; you could tap further to make your character run on a long-distance but that wasn't controllable.

Another negative aspect of the game is that it becomes repetitive quite fast in my opinion
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