Swooden is a cute physics puzzle web game (HTML5), from the balancing sub-genre.

The goal is to place all the blocks in perfect balance. In some levels, the gravity is reversed, while in others, dangers abound.

Try to beat all 28 levels and try to build most amazing structures!  


Dukebot 4 years ago

Very good game! Entertaining and addictive. The idea it's good as it is the execution. Good job!

IlonaW 4 months ago

Physics Controls
I got up to level 10 but at first, I was feeling ready to quit fairly early on, because I wasn't sure how sensitive the gravity is. Sometimes it's possible to balance a block on top of two towers, another time the towers topple over, which makes it seem like the weight of the block on top is pushing it apart, when in fact it seems that momentum has more of an effect. It's possible to put square blocks on top of round blocks - sometimes. It's hard to tell where the center of gravity is on a block because it's not marked. The darker area on the side of the block makes it harder to tell where the middle is because it's hard to tell if the dark area is considered to be on the same side or part of a 3D effect.

One thing I don't like is that sometimes the game forces you to build fast because things start falling over, so it makes you make rash decisions and just slap pieces down and hope to balance it out. It should be possible to reach a perfect balance so that you wouldn't have to rush.

I think there's a bug that occasionally makes clicking on the next level button count as two clicks, so it places the piece instantly and you have no way of controlling where it lands, usually causing you to lose the level. There should be a cooldown after a click where it doesn't register the event a second time even if something caused one click to read as two.

The graphics and pastel colors are cute and I like the cats and little cars. It's a bit confusing that some of the pieces have spinning clocks. Usually that signifies a time limit, but apparently they are just clocktowers and aren't timed. That part seems a bit misleading.

I like how the level names give a hint of how to solve the level. The name could be visible all the time in case you started the level too fast and missed what the title was.
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