RePete is a 2D puzzle platformer about time travel and self-cooperation. You are Pete, a normal guy with abnormal abilities. Loop back in time and help your past self collect gems, solve puzzles, and reach new heights!

RePete features four worlds, each introducing new gameplay elements, with over 60 challenging levels to test your ability to work with yourself. The demo version features the first two worlds so you can try before you buy!

  • Improved graphical aspects (icons, etc)
  • Gamepad support (Xbox, PS3)


orionmamajama1 8 years ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Cool game. I really like the music and the graphics. I only played a few levels of the demo and watched the video but it seems like the graphics are pretty repetitive. Are there plans to add more environments to the game?

Also, it was a bit hard to notice the text dialogues. I missed them in the first level and only started noticing them once got stuck and needed to hit the spacebar. Maybe add a sound cue or a bounce animation to direct attention to the text?

UnitedFailures 8 years ago

Animation Physics
When you are on a platform going up and down, if you try jumping and spamming the space bard while the platform is going up, you fall straight through it. I like the game, but I feel like the repeat system isn't fully utilized to it's potential. I found myself always just tapping space twice to place a person down where I was standing. The game could get more creative if I played further, but after 10 minutes it got a little repetitive. Like Orionmamajama said, I missed the text dialogues a lot, and when they were cut off by the screen, I didn't even bother to go back and read them. Besides all of this, good job.

floristgump 8 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
I played through the demo version, I really liked it, well done!

I also agree with the other comments, i missed a lot of dialogue before realising to look for it. Also i could see it could get a little repetitive if it doesn't change a little in later worlds.

mrdanno 8 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
The graphics are very nice, and the music is good, but gets very repetitive after a while. The levels also get repetitive once you get to Level 2-10. Also, are you supposed to die if a Repete dies? I don't know if that is a glitch or not, because I don't die when a Repete dies. Overall, good game, but gets a bit repetitive. (not a pun)

priabudiman 8 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
To agree with the others, yes, it feels a bit repetitive after a few levels. Some levels are feel like its just too large or maybe just because the empty spaces, but graphics can fix that later.

Just a thought, Maybe if you add more and different challenges or level mechanics then maybe it won't be so repetitive? can play around with more than jump and repete, maybe some world dynamic obstacles?

But overall, i give 8/10 for the beautiful graphics, simple UI, and nice music! Keep at it! Great Job!

amgelescape 4 years ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
Cool game. I really like the music. I only played a few levels of the demo. You should add more good graphics.

apollinaria_felix 4 years ago

Game Graphics Physics
This game is slightly reminding of the Fireboy and Watergirl with this nice mechanic of playing two characters.
Jumps are feeling kinda heavy, but level design is very good, so I don't have much trouble to moving on.
It's very funny to use that RePete :)
And I like atmosphere in the game. Very nice to just be in the game, with these graphics and retro-music. Thanks for your work!

Dukebot 4 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Good game! Original, good mechanics and nice graphics and animations. All looks good but maybe a little more work on level design would improve the game a lot.

angeiicia 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics
It's entertaining! Absolutely retro-style and I love the music! Thank you :)

Studio90 3 years ago

Level Design Mechanics
Pretty nice levels, good learning curve, but I was really bothered by the music.. I saw some people liked it but... it was quite screechy for me. I have seen this "use your past self" mechanic before and its nothing original in this platformer. Its a good starting game tho. Excited to play your new ones. Please check out my games, thank you :)

vkPaz 1 year ago

Level Design Game Graphics
Nice ideia. I love the music.

IlonaW 11 months ago

Level Design Story/Writing/Dialogue
I played through the demo version. I found it quite challenging because I don't normally play platformers. In the 16th level, I kept dying a lot, I died so many times I lost count but I was eventually able to go through it. I don't know if it's possible to jump on the past Pete when he's jumping but I was just making him stand still, then standing on his head to jump further. It would have been more interesting to jump on him while he's moving, but I couldn't quite figure out how to work the controls smoothly. I think the game was giving instructions too early. I think it should have let the player figure things out on their own and only help if the player fails to get the current lesson. It felt a bit like handholding. It felt rewarding to finally beat the hard spot, and it was also good that you unlock an achievement if you die 5 times. It encourages you to keep trying just as you are getting frustrated.

ig299 4 months ago

Game Graphics
Cool gives me understate wibes

VincentVogl 2 months ago

Mechanics Level Design
I like the core mechanic of being able to create a clone by pressing the space bar.
The choice to put it on the space key is ideal
The music is good too
Maybe the levels could be a little more complex
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