Uprk.cz (Escape the Maze)


Uprk.cz is an arcade maze for brave and skilled gamers, streamers, twitchers, youtubers and mixers who are not afraid of pain in finding their way to the surface.They will be rewarded with an unquestionable entry in the Hall of Fame and thus gained the fame and recognition among the community of this indie game.

The game consists of rescue a miner from a mysterious Egyptian maze. Idea of game is highly inspired by game Fred (ZX Spectrum 1984). Complete all levels, avoid all the pitfalls and get in the Hall of Fame.

The game offers:5 new levels of generated maze daily. A lot of enemies and pitfalls. Requires Internet access. (to download new maps). Hall of Fame with the top 100 players. Retro comic book style graphic. Multiplatform PC / android. No ads (for now), game is funded by voluntary donations and android app purchases. Virtual cursor control. Adding improvements. Support for CZ and EN language.   Game is responsive and run on modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge.    Controlls : Keyboard, Touscreen, Gamepad.   Enjoy Uprk.cz and give me some feedback. I still make updates and enhancements. :)

- fire can destroy your map
- live ingame scoreboard
- exit in map (green point up)
- UX enhacements
- dust efects animation
- better bubble with players texts.

- Hardcore mode (canary mode/ 1life)
- Better sound and add music.
- Pause button
- UX and game mechanics polishing (i try to enhance game feel)


shokh 2 weeks ago

I like the game. Interesting comments from the character and the levels are pretty good. Maybe need to make spiders large enough to see or identify as an enemy. The first time I didnt even notice them and wondered why my health was going low.

devbobcz 1 week ago

Thank you for feedback, i try to rework spiders soon (maybee with not so black legs). I still make upgrades. I can look at your game today :)

sman 1 week ago

Level Design Controls
I liked the game, and the levels were pretty fun! The sound effects were kinda odd but they weren't bad. My only real complaint is the controls (specifically the ducking). Since 'W' jumps and climbs up ropes, and 'S' climbs down ropes, it would make a lot more sense for 'S' to duck instead of Ctrl. I always forgot the button for ducking and I think that would make it a lot easier. Nice game!

devbobcz 1 week ago

Thank you Sman. Sounds will be updated soon, i will make music and new sounds (after few weeks).
I will try to rework the controlls, because my friend told me same thing about ducking button. I will sent you update, when i finish it. Tkank you for your roasting.

Bund187 3 days ago

Level Design UI Graphics
I like how with little things a game like this can be entertaining. It is challenging and almost pretty well executed and free of bugs. I didn´t like the UI, it is too big and the commentaries of the players gets in the way of sight so they are annoying. Another thing to get better is the controls, feel a bit akward to crouch with the ctrl. I also could say that enemies should have a more characteristic sound, so the player could be aware that certain enemy is near. For example, more than once I´ve been hit by an arrow because I didn´t know it was there.

Keep working on it, it is a good game.
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