This is a platformer where your goal is to make it to the other end of the room without falling down or getting killed by the enemies. There is also a fun local 1v1 mode. Please help with any ideas on what to improve.

Singleplayer: WASD and mouse 1
1v1 Player 1: WASD and space
1v1 Player 2: arrowkeys and shift

-Pause menu and the ability to go back to the start menu
-Basic music, all exclusive by Hemming. For more music by him please visit

-Music and Fx control
-More details in animations


Matroix 2 months ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
The game is good but it can be better

Henrik_Pontoppidan 2 months ago

Thank you, the game is under developement and is constantly improving. If you can clarify what you thought was bad and needed improvement i will gladly fix it. After all i strive to improve the experience for the player.

Nanuk 1 month ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
I see a lot of potential in terms of how smooth everything runs. The transitions between levels and respawning is rather clean. I really like how fluid it feels, and the UI, for both the main menu, and the game itself is alright (although I don't understand the red bar on top). But the sprites are... well... pretty bad. When you change from one room to the other, it sends you to the beginning of the room, not to where the transition door was previously. In terms of controls, I feel the double jump could use a bit of refining (it's quite difficult to perfectly time a double jump at times), and the POV in general is a bit weird (I rage quited when I died because I couldn't see a platform I needed to get to). Maybe fixing the camera would be nice. The enemies kill you even if they're already dead, which is something I don't see a reason for. All in all... I think you should make your sprites a bit less sophisticated, and maybe even make them very simple, but functional. Worry about clean and smooth animations, not graphically complex things. The controls took me a bit of time to understand, and I forgot how to change weapons (might not even be an option, but then I wouldn't understand why you can pick up ammo). Regardless, good luck for the future releases!

Aesthetics 1 month ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
The art work could use some work (especially on heroes), but the concept is interesting.

Huiji-studios 3 weeks ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I loved how the game controlled, it felt smooth.
A couple of times when I tried to load up the game in full screen, my screen just started rapidly flashing.
Other than that, great game!

Harvey 3 weeks ago

I played the game and right now...the game needs a lot of work.

Firstly, many of the platforms are hard to reach meaning that you either need to increase the jump distance for the double jump or make the jumps more floaty.

The second problem is that enemies..atleast the first ones you come across with take too long to get killed. On top of this, even if you touch them upon killing them, you still die which shouldn't happen but seeing this is a beta, I'm positive that this is something you'll work on eventually.

And lastly..the art. Now look, I get it. This is probably the best you can draw and do but the art looks rather sluggish and disorienting with nothing standing out. Best to find someone to draw for you if you aren't skilled in arts.

Apart from this, I can't really say much because its still work in progress.

DCGsoft 1 week ago

Animation Game Graphics
i like the mouse shooting part
i would like to see some cowboys shooting
interesting concept by the way

Euphoria 4 days ago

well it's nice but it's kinda confusing i mean what do i do with the shotguns bullets and where do i go after i killed the first 2 enemy , and why do the bullet respawn , other then that i like the screen shake when shooting and the music

Fedron 2 days ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
IMO the sprites look kind of weird. Especially the player, he has a lot of jagged lines on him.

Lightvolt 1 day ago

Controls Game Graphics
The game feels very fluid and controls great! However, the graphics are definitely lacking. I like the main character's design, but everything else looks quite plain.

ClawsUpGames 1 day ago

Controls Mechanics
I think enemies have way too much life, it makes the shooting part not very rewarding and quite tedious.
The Level Design needs to be reworked too.
Nice effort though :)
Roast Em

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