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Tank Attack

Your mission is to hold the front line and hold off the incoming waves of Germans. They will be sending their most elite battalions your way. Hold off for long enough so that back up can arrive and push them back *. But be careful we have been told that the Germans have a secret unstoppable tank at their disposable. Defeat this and you should be safe. Good luck Sargent! * Coming soon, I wanted to get the core of the game finished and receive some feedback on it before continuing on with the story.

Mechanics Game Graphics

IMO the sprites look kind of weird. Especially the player, he has a lot of jagged lines on him.

2 years ago

Sorry for the late reply!

Thanks, for all your feedback. I'll add in a special mode where you can 'experiment' and I'll try adding some more SFX along with VFX, I also noticed some bugs while you were playing which I will get fixed asap.

Again thanks, and I'll get you a newer and better version soon ;)

2 years ago

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