SquareMan-Boy 2


This game is a puzzle/platforming game based on the core mechanics of that you bounce around by hitting blocks. The blocks with arrows on them will push you in diffrent directions and can be a hindrance or be there to help you.

Controlling the game

  • Move with Left/Right arrow keys or A/D
  • R key to reset (kill yourself)
  • Escape to go back to level select
  • Enter/Space for next level on level complete screen

  • Revamped menu and level select
  • Removed screen between levels and added a transition effect
  • Improved graphical effects
  • Added some impact effects on collisions with blocks
  • Added new mechanic to charge up speed
  • Added an reactive background thats effected by lights and movement from player
  • Added music and sound effects

Still lots to be done, some examples.

  • More sound effects
  • More levels
  • Improved level select/menu
  • Helpful tips/hints on how to play
  • Ghost player to show how a level is done if activated or possible on a number of deaths/time elapsed
  • General graphical improvements and bugfixes


orionmamajama1 8 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
I really like the concept of this game, it kinda feels like the one of the ice maps from the old Pokemon games.

- I liked the level complete animation when the blocks all fly away.
- I liked the trail that the main cube leaves behind but I think it may be slightly out of place. If the were made slightly more futuristic, I think the trail would fit in better.
- You've already got a lot of levels and the difficulty progression is pretty good.
- Controls and mechanics are solid.

- The background star image seems to be distorted in some areas, usually near the goal box. It looks black but instead of stars it has vertical white lines.
- The background could be made more interesting instead of just plain white stars. (I saw you mentioned this in your Upcoming Features)
- The colors of the blocks and the glow effect are a bit retro, not sure if that's what you're going for.

inferior 8 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics Reply

electrithm 8 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
The text needs a different font, also I would prefer a flat design instead of the skeuomorphic design.

CoreGG 8 years ago

Mechanics UI Graphics Reply

MrDave 8 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Simple and fun, nice attention to detail with the sparks and the way the map moves out. I wish I could use WASD to control. I got to the end and I found the last level to be quite finicky.

UnknownEvil 5 years ago

Looks like the website doesn't work anymore

Arafa 4 years ago

Game Graphics Animation
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MehadND 4 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Easy to play but I would suggest to improve the game graphics as they are decent but not good. Otherwise decent game.

hashmarkmedia 4 years ago

Level Design Mechanics
Simple and fun, nice attention to detail with the sparks and the way the map moves out

ElectroPW 3 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
Link is not working. Please correct the error.
This site can’t be reached
johanw123.nu took too long to respond.

Gamemaker125 3 years ago

Game Graphics Physics
No need to inprove. This game is good aleardy i realy like it

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Game Graphics
Very addictive! I enjoyed playing your game and I really like the simple aesthetics.

The only problem I had was learning the charge mechanic; when I first played, I could only read "Tap to jump" before the first obstacle showed up, so my eyes drifted to the action before I could finish reading the text. My advise is to give some more time to the player to read the entire information and then starting throwing obstacles.


PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Game Graphics
I like this game just like pokemon game i love it good quality grahics you use so it is amazing experience with this game

Ayush_Dutt1 3 years ago

Game Graphics
Going to be more good is graphics.
Good game man...
G3 Rule

Abbas 3 years ago

Have nothing to say but BRAVO! Excellent gameplay, excellent design, excellent idea, excellent music & SFX, smooth control, and accurate responsive physics. Big thumb-up!

Asthalis 1 year ago

UI Graphics Controls
Great visuals, interesting concept and nice sounds ! I reached level 19 in my first try.

Dash may be more intuitive with ctrl+left / ctrl+right to match the move direction.
A reminder of the current level could be added in the corner of the screen.


milesellis1 1 year ago

Level Design
this is really good going to play
Roast Em

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