Chicken Hero


Chicken Hero is a simple, yet engaging, pixel platformer based around one chicken's quest to reclaim his stolen eggs.

Since the last update, we have added:

  • Fox AI
  • Gliding Mechanice
  • Chicken Selection
  • Updates in scenery
  • Opening Cutscene

We plan on adding in the future:

  • New biomes
  • More puzzle mechanics
  • Add storyline


mightystudios 8 years ago

Level Design Controls
The game is super hard. Still, I had a lot of fun playing and laughed out loud when I'd finally get a box where I needed it only to walk into some spikes like a chump. I had some difficulty getting used to the controls, but that's part of the challenge with this game. The first two jumps were littered with my dead chicken corpses. I think your team is off to a great start.

I played for 10 minutes, and only got as far as the first two-box puzzle. That's not a bad thing. I think the appeal with this game is the difficulty, The images make the game look simple, but the challenge is real.

If you added the ability to flap your wings for a little in-air control, I think this game would be hilarious. Also, don't be afraid to ham it up with more chicken sounds. My only complaint was the area in the second room where you have a blind jump. This is also the area shown in your first GIF. That part felt cheap, like I had to spend a death just to figure out where to go next. Otherwise, super fun. Keep it up!

BigSeatStudios 8 years ago

Thank you for the feedback! As suggested by you and others, we have been considering adding in-air flapping for more control/humor. The controls are supposed to almost have a learning curve to them and we are glad you embraced that. Also, we are trying to figure out a way to zoom out in certain parts of the map so there are not as many blind jumps. We appreciate your comments and we would love for you to support our Kickstarter:)

Crepok 8 years ago

Level Design Controls
Nice job with the level design.
I think I found a bug, in the level that you have to switch characters pressing Z, I can't switch with any character!

When you jump, if you hold the direction key, you go really fast, maybe you can fix this adding a flying animation, or directly controlling the velocity when you are in the air.

Very cool the day light!

Nice work!


BigSeatStudios 8 years ago

Thanks for trying out our game! Did you happen to pickup the egg on the level before? You switch between egg and Chicken to solve the door puzzle.

We are glad you enjoyed the game though. Be sure to check out our Kickstarter! We have some really cool rewards for backers:)

Crepok 8 years ago

Oh, I didn't saw the egg! I will continue playing your game, thanks!

ayranaz 1 year ago


Yoshgunn 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
I like the music : D It wouldn't let me pick it so I put Game Graphics. But I like the music the most. The sound design is pretty on point. Like the bugs chirping in rhythm in the first level. That was cool. (I later realized that was actually the sound the snakes make when they hit a wall. I thought it was atmospheric bugs!)

The controls feel a bit slippery. Is that intentional? I think if you solve that it will vastly improve. The day/night cycle strikes me as unnecessary, even if it is cool. The rustling grass is a nice touch with the snakes. What's with the dead bodies? If I can't use the dead chicken bodies, do I need to see them?

- You can look left and right when you are dead.
- I picked up two crates at once and they morphed into a single crate!
- Can still see my mouse cursor even when focused on the game.
- The egg does not make a noise when it dies.
- Some puzzles are designed well, others are a bit trial-and-error.

Overall it's not bad, but the Kickstarter seems a bit soon. I don't have a compelling reason to back this unless I know you personally. Granted, $800 is not a large sum of money, but what exactly would it go toward & what is the benefit to the consumer?

Complete Time: 17:58

BigSeatStudios 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! We are glad you enjoy our sound design.
Most the of the complaints for our game have come with the controls.. We are still trying to find the right balance between easy to grasp yet hard to master with the movement. You'll definitely see changes in future iterations.
The chicken body does move back and forth, which was originally a bug, but we decided to keep it because we found it humorous;) The chicken bodies staying are also for comedic effect.
We are currently fixing the crate bug and have been aware of it for sometime.
As for the Kickstarter question, we realize we are early in development and we wanted to see what people thought of our game. That way, we can get some early feedback, have time to make changes , and get the word out a few months before we plan on releasing. That's also why we set our goal low, just to pay for distribution and licensing costs for different platforms.
We would really appreciate your support on Kickstarter even if it's only a few dollars. Our rewards, I believe, justify backing our project for the prices they are set at. Sorry for the winded response, we appreciate your feedback:)


Foxenon 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
I very like the game design. What I love is the wings of the chicken :)) However, controls are very problematic. I'm sure that you decided to make the controls like this way to make the game harder but I think it makes the gameplay harder. What I can suggest to you is that make the controls better and let the player enjoy the game.

Graphics are very lovely and I really like this type of UI. However I can suggest you to change the graphics of thorns. I don't know what you can replace them with, but I'm sure you can find something better. First time when I play the game, I didn't understand what are they actually :)

BigSeatStudios 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback!

What specific problems did you have with the controls?

We are continuously updating the graphics as we go along so the thorns/spikes will most likely be updated in the future.

We are glad you enjoy our UI! That was probably one of the least time-consuming areas of development for our game but we are glad other people like it as well. Thanks again! We appreciate the feedback.

woodtock 7 years ago

Controls Tutorial/Learning Curve
This game is ok but the first couple of levels are very difficult(try not flying into the spikes).The learning curve should start easy and gradually become more difficult.

BigSeatStudios 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! Did you happen to play the tutorial before starting the game? We realize there is still a jump in difficult between those two and we are working on transition levels as we speak.

We are glad you enjoy the controls though! We have been tweaking those for the past couple weeks and it's nice to get some positive reception:) Thanks again! We appreciate the feedback.

Emmet 7 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
I enjoyed most that the game used the humble chook as its hero. The controls are a little slippery but I presume this is part of the difficulty. I think it is good that it's quite hard.

Aesthetics 6 years ago

UI Graphics Controls
Amazing art. Controls could use a bit of a streamline though. That said, great Aesthetics!

UnknownEvil 5 years ago

Looks like the website no longer works

Jaysmito 4 years ago

Controls Game Graphics
I enjoyed it a lot!!!!!!! Great JOB!!!

Berneons 4 years ago

Game Graphics
A very cute chicken and she flies very cute :3

Abhnerpetruscarvalhocorrea 3 years ago

Game Graphics
A galinha tem design simples, porém o jogo é interessante.

Ayush_Dutt1 1 year ago

Nice game....


Sproto 1 year ago

Level Design Animation
Love the game design! Make more games with this art style. But overall the game is not bad at all.

whowho 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
The link doesn't work. When trying to download the game, it just pops up with an error.

MK89oo 11 months ago

Game Graphics Animation
not bad,but needs work for animation.

Penteliuc 11 months ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Simple but effective. A neat level design and a smooth animation,
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