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This is a platformer where your goal is to make it to the other end of the room without falling down or getting killed by the enemies. There is also a fun local 1v1 mode. Please help with any ideas on what to improve. Controls: Singleplayer: WASD and mouse 11v1 Player 1: WASD and space1v1 Player 2: arrowkeys and shift

Mechanics Game Graphics

Its a fun concept I think with the turn-based combat, however i think the game would be alot better if you added som backgrounds and character animations to make the game feel more alive. Otherwise it was a fun game, maybe change the tutorial to seem more integrated into the game and not so much you just telling me what stuff does

2 months ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

This is an amazing game! I think this would be a great mobile game if the menu got a makeover. It has fun and original mechanics that i havent seen anywhere else that would fit perfectly into a geometry dash like game on mobile. keep up the good work!

2 months ago

Thank you, the game is under developement and is constantly improving. If you can clarify what you thought was bad and needed improvement i will gladly fix it. After all i strive to improve the experience for the player.

2 months ago