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Life Line

Life Line brings the retro era back, and tries to convince you that playing two games at once, is always better than one. Collecting game styles similar to Pong, Arkanoid, Asteroid Blaster, Galaga... Life Line tries to make it all come toghether into a challenging new approach: survive while only moving up and down, while shooting at enemies coming from both sides at the same time.

UI Graphics Mechanics

I see a lot of potential in terms of how smooth everything runs. The transitions between levels and respawning is rather clean. I really like how fluid it feels, and the UI, for both the main menu, and the game itself is alright (although I don't understand the red bar on top). But the sprites are... well... pretty bad. When you change from one room to the other, it sends you to the beginning of the room, not to where the transition door was previously. In terms of controls, I feel the double jump could use a bit of refining (it's quite difficult to perfectly time a double jump at times), and the POV in general is a bit weird (I rage quited when I died because I couldn't see a platform I needed to get to). Maybe fixing the camera would be nice. The enemies kill you even if they're already dead, which is something I don't see a reason for. All in all... I think you should make your sprites a bit less sophisticated, and maybe even make them very simple, but functional. Worry about clean and smooth animations, not graphically complex things. The controls took me a bit of time to understand, and I forgot how to change weapons (might not even be an option, but then I wouldn't understand why you can pick up ammo). Regardless, good luck for the future releases!

3 years ago

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Actually, the game is now version 0.6.0, I forgot to update it here... You can check the most recent version here:

3 years ago

Alright, I didn't see that you were referring to the newest version (my bad). Thank you for the feedback, I will work on those things for upcoming versions!

3 years ago

I'm sorry for the late reply (I just happened to pass by here and read it)! Thank you very much for the feedback! The game has been recently updated because of that reason, the game ends up being a bit boring after some time. The controlls are being taken into consideration for a later release too. A mobile version is also being considered, but it will have to wait a bit since the controlls on a phone are usually a bit hard to translate, from the PC to the phone.

Thanks again for your time and feedback! :D

3 years ago
Level Design Mechanics

Alright, let's cut to the chase: I can't deal with the camera movement. My eyes can't follow the camera without wanting to take my eyes off the screen. Either it shakes too much, or the motion blur is way off (which I myself am not a fan of, sorry).

Gameplay wise... I understand the concept, but I don't like the execution. The concept seems solid, just shoot whatever comes at you, but I feel it lacks a mechanic. Sure, waves constantly get tougher, enemies spawn faster, but... What's the catch? Teamplay? It feels like an old concept with different graphics (zombies with different models). The map makes sense, but I really can't grasp the details with the camera the way it is right now. Change it, tell me, and I'll play again!

Controls... Too inconsistent. Seems to me they should be worked on a bit more.

Good luck!

3 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Um... How to rate this game... Alright let me be honest, this game is meta, I like meta, but some poeple don't. Based on my opinion, this game nails it. I wasn't even aware a game could change depending on how I changed the files at runtime (I am so glad someone actually coded something like this). I literally wanted to draw the cable perfectly instead of just a red line. This is something I usually wouldn't do, so that's definitely a plus.

So far this is what you got from me:

Fear (I'm a scaredy cat, sorry).
My mouth open.
A very strange first impression.
Me wanting to actually play the game even though I got the chills.

How can I rate something like this objectively? Alright let's see... For me, from a programmers perspective, I would give this a solid 5/5. Why? Am I a bad critique? Maybe, probably, but let me continue. I play tons of games, and never would have I imagined something going as far as this. What if I were lazy, and really didn't know anything about coding? Hmmmm... This I really cannot say. But, I can say a few things, to help you make it even better (I hope). Try to grab the "unexperienced" player's attention by making it somehow less complex. For me this would kill the game to be honest. I want it to be this complex, but what about the others? So this is my major complaint, and it's not really about me, is it?

The platformer... I believe even you understand that it takes a bit more than playing but also patience and a bit of precision. I would make it so the pieces automatically stop after they reach the destinaion? I don't know. It was just a weird platforming experience, but I love how you made me code the platform (I can't say how I got the solution but that was incredibly original how you gave it away, I don't want to spoil it).

So what's my veredict? Keep going, don't stop. I feel this kind of game would make me want to quit quite soon into the development, because it's tough to make a game this complex. If you manage to finish the product, you're going places!

What can you fix? I don't know, maybe there's a rather big amount of glith effects and there shouldn't be that many? Make it less scary (please, I just have a hard time with scary games)? Just... Do what you want. Even if I end up not playing because I'm scared, people will surely enjoy the heck out of it.

Good luck!

3 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Super Hexagon, The Impossible Game, Wave Wave... Man I loved that era. Where did it all disappear to? Geometry Dash. I feel like that game had it all, and although I'm a huge fan of it, it got overwhelming: it made the rest feel obsolete. I'm more of a "this game has one mechanic, and it's really good at it" rather than: this game has all of it, so you don't need the rest. I actually find myself enjoying the prior games to it instead of the new one, just because sometimes I just want that specific thing, instead of the whole pack. Your game has one thing: gravity. I'm glad you stuck to it.

So what's my opinion on it? Let's start by saying that the learning curve could be better. It starts a bit too hard, and although the controls are easy, the gravity-speed ratio is a bit tedious to manage. I'm not saying that should be changed though, rather, the key placement. I really enjoy how you decided to loop the level, that was quite interesting, fun, and original, but it may get repetitive...

I understand music is the hardest thing to deal with, so it makes sense that there's only one song, but try to divide the song from the main menu and the level if possible.

The graphics: I love them. It fit's the theme, it's my style, and it's functional. I'm a full-fledged polygon freak and retro-gamer, so props there. I got a nostalgic Impossible Game vibe, which is something I like. I'm bad a criticizing here, so sorry for that.

The gameplay is weird. It's simple, but weird. I like that there are two play modes, but it feels like it will never progress, only get either longer and more difficult. If the only mechanic is flipping gravity (and I'm not saying that's a bad thing) why not add a timer? Penalize the player for switching too much repeadetly (I fouond myself staying in the middle of the screen by double tapping most of the hard sections of the first levels) or only let him loop the level 3 or 4 times. Build up on this, and you'll end up making an interesting game.

Good luck!

Overall score: 3/5

3 years ago
Animation Mechanics

Let's start off by saying that this is not my kind of game, but, I wanted to give it a try anyway.

Let's start with the cons:

- The game tutorial is hard to skip, the swipe mechanic is a bit weird, maybe a simple arrow click for the next slide would be better?
- Some bugs make the game stop working randomly (makes sense, it happens to all of us when developing a game).
- The song, although it fits the theme perfectly, might be a bit repetitive.
- The game mechanic is simple, but maybe too simple?


- Graphics are nice.
- The music and sounds are nice.
- The tranisitions are top notch, I love them. Fluid, original, simple, functional, but not bland. Colourful in its way, without overdoing it.
- Props for the in-game scrollable option menu. You don't usually see something that fluid in games.

What to add/fix for the future:

Add more mechanics to the game. I feel that simply following a line may be boring after some levels. Maybe add words formed with diagonals? Or words that need you to skip a certain amount of letters to form it? Overall, the game is nice. I feel a Brain Training meets Scrabble coming soon. It's relaxing, can be fun at times, and looks neat. Keep working on it!

Good luck!

3 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Wow, I did not expect a game like this to make me want to play more of it! It felt like I was playing something like 2048, only a bit more brain exhausting (in a good way), and to be honest, a bit more fun. Although I did find the speed of the pieces to be too fast paced, the game was really good. I suggest you add progressive speed, instead of just gravity making the numbers fall. For example, each 50 points, add 0.1 gravity or something like that. This can make the game more challenging when you get to a certain level, instead of a constant speed from the beginning, and also allows the player to get more points at the start, making him want to improve based on both time and points.

The graphics are nice, easy on the eyes, and it works well. The menu is functional and although it's minimalistic, it works. The two game modes are refreshing, and since they're pretty different, the game doesn't get repetitive. I like the clicking sound the numbers make when clicked, and I'm glad there's no music to it. This is the type of game I would like to play with my headphones on and some background music of my choice, instead of in-game music, so really good choice there.

Maybe it's because I'm bad at playing, but if it's not implemented already (maybe I didn't reach that level), why not add a new mode where the number you need to reach changes after a certain amount of time?

I will actually keep this game on my phone for some time. I'll see if playing it while on a short trip or while waiting for the bus is a good way to kill time and maybe improves the gameplay experience.

Good luck, and keep at it! I'm sure with the right amount of "spam" you can get more people to play the game and ejoy it!

3 years ago
Physics Game Graphics

I didn't know the rain could kill you (I thought it was part of the asthetic), but then again, you did warn that everything kills you, and the game is called Bad Rain so...

I really don't have much to say, since the game offers just that. The graphics are a bit lackluster, but it makes sense since the game is in an early stage. I would change the design to be honest, because even though I understand the aim of the design and how you want to make it funny in some way, I feel it won't do justice. The pace of the game is a bit slow. I would like the character to move a bit faster, and the things that kill you could be added some speed too.

The menu is simple, maybe a bit too simple. There are a lot of levels, which is nice, but since the gameplay is practically the same, it doesn't really add much more than difficulty. Maybe adding power ups or something like that could be a good idea? Instead of everything killing you, maybe some power ups fall from time to time.

I also feel like I've played this before... I really didn't see it standing out in terms of originality. The concept is simple, and the execution really can't offer more, but there always something to have in mind when developing games like this: you need to make the player choose youor game ovet the rest, and make him want to come back for more.

We're usually bad critics of our own creations because we treat them like our babies. We love them a lot, so we usually see little to no problems with them. I think it's a good idea to get more people to play it to help you improve it overall.

Good luck!

3 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

There's no way to play this yet, but congratulations on passing the Green Light! I'll base my opinion on the trailer then.

The game has potential, and I think people will enjoy it. I see a bit of Counter Strike meets Titanfall gameplay wise, and asthetically, that may be the case. The graphics look nice, although everything could be worked on in more details. The mecha animations do feel a bit sturdy, and the players may be lacking personality (I really can't say anything else based on a trailer sorry).

Good luck and I look forward to the release!

3 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

I like it overall. The gameplay is intuitive, fun, challenging, and original. I feel like this isn't something new, the mechanic is known, but it works well, so there's nothing wrong with it. The graphics are polished, it makes sense, it's colourful, attractive, yet simple, so it's easy on the eyes. I'm a geometry type of guy, so this is a plus for me.

The level design may need some work. Just throwing random levels at the player might be overwhelming. Try to start simple and then add difficulty instead. Maybe to change the game a bit, add levels instead of making it and endless mode only?

The power-ups are nice, the controls are good. The music... I understand the vibe your going for, but it's too repetitive for me. The sounds are okay. Please, add some lives! When you die once you start from the beginning, and that's very discouraging. Add like 3 or 5 lives, and let the bricks drop lives from time to time to make the game last longer.

Overall it's an interesting concept with a nice execution. You have the basics down, now you just need to polish some aspects of it.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you make of it in the future!

3 years ago
Controls Physics

Impossible Game meets the 3D realm (?).

I see what your aim is, but I kind of feel the 3D part isn't necessary... There are several problems regarding the physics. For some reason, in level 2 it feels like the gravity changed, and that makes the level impossible. It relies to much on the "pixel perfect" aspect of the game, instea of a platforming experience.

There was a bug in level 5 where if you drop back to the left after the first checkpoint, you can't continue unles you restart the level. I stopped at level 7 because the spikes were too much. The learning curve is a bit sloppy too.

Overall, I feel the controls are understandable, but the physics aren't consistent. The graphics aren't really something I'm looking for when it comes to a game like this. Some mechanics like the moving rotating platform were nice, but the spikes on the border of the checkpoints make everything worse.

Hmm... What can I say? Don't give up, keep coding it, but try to make the game look more original. Stick to things like the moving platform, things that wont make me want to play games like Geometry Dash. Good luck!

3 years ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Uhm... Wow. Yeah, this is a game I would buy.

I like the asthetic, the design, the music, the playability... I love everything about it. I feel the game may be a bit difficult to start, so the learning curve may need some polishing. But I mean... The game has to be difficult, right? It this sort of thing that makes the player want to come back. Maybe it just has to start a bit easier so I can fully grasp the rest of the game before getting beaten up.

The rest is gourgeous. Come on... The music is top notch. The background is insane, the pixel art is amazing... The sounds, the design. I'm a fanboy, but the difficulty is a bit too much to bare at the start.

Good luck in future releases and keep making great stuff! :D

3 years ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Uhm... Wow. Yeah, this is a game I would buy.

I like the asthetic, the design, the music, the playability... I love everything about it. I feel the game may be a bit difficult to start, so the learning curve may need some polishing. But I mean... The game has to be difficult, right? It this sort of thing that makes the player want to come back. Maybe it just has to start a bit easier so I can fully grasp the rest of the game before getting beaten up.

The rest is gourgeous. Come on... The music is top notch. The background is insane, the pixel art is amazing... The sounds, the design. I'm a fanboy, but the difficulty is a bit too much to bare at the start.

Good luck in future releases and keep making great stuff! :D

3 years ago

Thank you very much for the great feedback!

Yeah, I've constantly been getting the same comment that I should bring this game for phones. Truth is, I'm currently looking towards making it, but I need some technical changes in order to get it rolling. The toughest part would be the controls... Regardless, this is bound to happen eventually! If it weren't for feedback like yours though, I probably wouldn't have given it a try...

Background! Yes! I've been working on something of the sort. I'm pretty sure you played the latest version with the neon particles and all, right? My main goal is to make a pretty simple background so the player doesn't get to distracted, but at the same time adding some vividness to the gameplay.

I'm aware the game gets boring after some time. This unfortunately is something that, even though I spend the most time working on it, changes very infrequently. I'm currently working on making the first three bosses a bit more fun (from boss 4 onwards it gets way more fun). I've though about adding some new power-ups, or some in-game currency, so when you reach a certain level, you unlock items to edit your player and stuff. Would this be a good idea to keep the player going? The ship will depend solely on the points you gather, so no actual money would be involved.

Thank you very much once again, and I look forward to hearing from you again!

3 years ago

Thank you very much for playing! :D

I see... It's a good idea to make each button of the mouse shoot at the corresponding direction, I actually never thought of that! The only problem with that is how you need to be able to shoot and point at the same time in the 4 directions when you reach level 90 (I spoiled it, but it's necessary).

I'm working on a way to make the player assign the buttons that he wants to use to play in an options menu or something of the sort, so hopefully I can implement that for the final version.

Okay, so to play logged in, it's via Game Jolt. You need to create an account there, and once you do that, in your profile tab on the upper right, there´s a tab called Game Token: <- Screen capture

Thank you once again for playing, and I hope you enjoyed the game!

PD: I will be adding each and every one of you who has played before the official release to the credits section, if you don't mind :)

2 years ago


Black Paradox