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Life Line

Life Line brings the retro era back, and tries to convince you that playing two games at once, is always better than one. Collecting game styles similar to Pong, Arkanoid, Asteroid Blaster, Galaga... Life Line tries to make it all come toghether into a challenging new approach: survive while only moving up and down, while shooting at enemies coming from both sides at the same time.

UI Graphics Mechanics

I see a lot of potential in terms of how smooth everything runs. The transitions between levels and respawning is rather clean. I really like how fluid it feels, and the UI, for both the main menu, and the game itself is alright (although I don't understand the red bar on top). But the sprites are... well... pretty bad. When you change from one room to the other, it sends you to the beginning of the room, not to where the transition door was previously. In terms of controls, I feel the double jump could use a bit of refining (it's quite difficult to perfectly time a double jump at times), and the POV in general is a bit weird (I rage quited when I died because I couldn't see a platform I needed to get to). Maybe fixing the camera would be nice. The enemies kill you even if they're already dead, which is something I don't see a reason for. All in all... I think you should make your sprites a bit less sophisticated, and maybe even make them very simple, but functional. Worry about clean and smooth animations, not graphically complex things. The controls took me a bit of time to understand, and I forgot how to change weapons (might not even be an option, but then I wouldn't understand why you can pick up ammo). Regardless, good luck for the future releases!

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