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CHOP - A bloody, visceral local multiplayer fighting game

Gamepads and friends strongly recommended !CHOP is an arena fighting game with a twist : your goal is not to have the highest kill count but to escape the arena through a portal. Pre-order and support the game now on KickstarterA bloodthirsty frenzy around a pizza and beer(s), what's best ?CHOP offers a pure local multiplayer experience, halfway betweenparty games and competitive fighting games. With a one-hit kill mechanic and instant respawn, CHOP is accessible in its gameplay while offering a really strategic dimension. Think of Towerfall on steroids. Mix it with DOOM and Mortal Kombat, then add more steroids to it.Blood and guts in a torn apart world, with a comic book vibe : CHOP speaks to those who like gore, comics, post-apo and are eager to get back to the golden age of local multiplayer.

Controls Mechanics

I think enemies have way too much life, it makes the shooting part not very rewarding and quite tedious.
The Level Design needs to be reworked too.
Nice effort though :)

2 years ago

CHOP - A bloody, visceral local multiplayer fighting game