You are the first man on earth that can slide on walls and the public wants you to put up a show for them.
Wallslide is a 3D platformer with tight controls, big jumps and wallrunning.

There is currently only 8 levels but im constantly generating ideas for new ones, also currently there is not much "filler" levels, they will be added later.


heartles 6 years ago

Level Design Controls
I really enjoy the concept

1. It's somewhat hard to tell when you're on the wall or not. The light on the walls help but if there was a binary thing of are you on the wall or not it might be easier to tell

2. This might be different from how you intended the game to be played (just judging from your description) but I found that the easiest way to beat the levels was not to run along the walls but instead to jump into one, then while you're on the side of that wall jump again to jump on top of the wall. Then jump to the next one and repeat.
I actually found this really fun, and my only complaint is that I wish jumping was more of an automatic-style (hold space to continually jump) type thing rather than having to hit the space bar every jump. This also kind of combines with #1 because you can't tell if it's time to jump yet or not.

Very interesting though, I can't wait to play more :)

heartles 6 years ago

Quick note: this is just regarding my first ~5 minutes or so of playing it, I haven't been able to try anything after level 5 or so.

Also I had a bug where the game froze after beating level 3, I had to alt-f4 to get out of it.

babon 6 years ago

Thank you for the feedback!
1. I will definitely look into that
2. Actually starting from level ~8 it becomes impossible or very hard to complete levels that way because you need to gain more and more speed, im also planning to add speedrun mode and timers plus some levels will feature walls that get closer and closer to you and crush you if you stand still so i think that will help.

Evyrling 5 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
This was fun! Thanks for making and posting! I think the mechanics were a lot of fun to play with! Thanks again:)

DyingSilence 5 years ago

Controls Mechanics
The game was incredibly fun, so bad it breaks sometimes on level completion - when there's the victory screen, LMB doesn't work, and you can just move aimlessly through the victory screen.
Overally, the game is very simple but very fun.

SilentKiller 5 years ago

Wow video unavailable congrats why don't yeah just take down the video on here jeezuz

royniel 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I love the concept and originality. Mechanics were pretty fun to mess with. The graphics though could use more work. A little bit of post processing and lighting tweaks should do the trick. Also try making the platforms a little reflective to help with detailing the environment
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