I can't figure out how to take this game off this site or delete my account, so please ignore this; I am not interested in getting feedback on this project anymore


mentics 8 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Controls
- Fun story intro cinematic
- Well done in-game tutorial
- Basic crafting, surprised to see that. Kind of interesting touch
- More variety of mechanisms and moves than a typical basic platformer

- Clicking on buttons doesn't work in UI
- Can't skip it when it's "typing" text, have to wait

JoeCool 7 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I played the PC Demo and could not
* The game is interesting and has a lot of cool elements and puzzles which are not so common in platformers.
* The overall art style is really nice

*I don't get into a game flow. I think its because of the level design as well as the background art. For me it's kind of hard to distinguish the background from the important interaction game elements. It would be great if you would reduce the contrast of the not so important elements a bit, just to undestand the level layout better.

* Regards to the leveldesign, give the player a little more space, it felt always very dense.

* The camera is too close to the player imho.

*Please be a little more forgiving on the controls. The long jump is sometimes really hard to do, even though I played with the controller.

*The main character is a little weird to me, as it has wheels but can still jump. I would have gone with a full animated robot in a human form ;)

* The tutorial is nicely done, but I would love to speed up the text more. Also the reveal text has a small issue with printing the word half and then switching to the next line

jlvc 7 years ago

Controls Level Design
Hi. This game looks really nice, I specially liked how fluid the control is. There are some issues that I think are keeping this game from reaching its full potential.

The levels are overwhelming. It's like you tried to put as much stuff in as small space as possible. If you pace it a little better giving players space to breath I think it'll work better.

The camera is too close to the character and it moves very abruptly. Try smoothing it a little bit, see if it works.

I'll keep playing it and come back later.

sourabhkatkar3733 7 years ago

Animation Level Design
Nice Work!!!
Like to Play Game....

Need to work on Level Design !!!!!

BluishGreenPro 7 years ago

Thanks for your feedback! It seems like the Level Design is pretty consistently a subject of dislike, could I ask that you be more specific about what you disliked about it?

jchiu 7 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
The level design looks very intensive for me. And I love playing intense games. However, the graphics seem a bit monotoned for me. The only thing I can distinguish is the player and sometimes the enemies colour blends in with the background.

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Amazing animated trailer this gaming crazy to play i can't wait for this type of game please make release early on

BluishGreenPro 3 years ago

Thank you for your feedback, the game is already out!

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

ok thanks

Abbas 3 years ago


Honestly, I haven't played your game yet. But from what I watched in your trailer a few things came to my mind;

1. The genre and gameplay lools intriguing.
2. The music seems spot-on and amusing.
3. The design and UIs are well-crafted and interesting.
4. But the main thing that hurts my eyes is the way camera moves and interacts with the player's movement. It looks very rapid and liquid-form and kinda gives me vertigo. In the long run, I think people like me will feel dizzy and can not continue playing it.

Good job, anyway. I know how difficult it is to design and code such a game. Keep up the good work and if you have some spare time, please take a look at my page, too. Thank you.

Ayush_Dutt1 2 years ago

Game Graphics

From which engine did you made the game and it's graphics?
It's a very good game..

BluishGreenPro 2 years ago

Thank you!
This is made in GameMaker Studio v1.4.
Graphics were made in Illustrator with additional effects in Photoshop.

Ayush_Dutt1 2 years ago

Thanks for telling me the engine...
You made really great game, I loved this colourful game...

Kanzo94 1 year ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Awesome just from my view a bit of work needed on graphics
Roast Em

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