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Astro Guard

The objective of the game is to shoot asteroids while still being within the ring of the saturn. If you step outside of the ring, the game ends. Every time, the ring will change its angle so not only will you have to move carefully but also shoot the asteroids as well.Controls:Arrow keys: MoveSpace Bar: JumpEsc : QuitEnter: Restart the game


I played the game and right now...the game needs a lot of work.

Firstly, many of the platforms are hard to reach meaning that you either need to increase the jump distance for the double jump or make the jumps more floaty.

The second problem is that enemies..atleast the first ones you come across with take too long to get killed. On top of this, even if you touch them upon killing them, you still die which shouldn't happen but seeing this is a beta, I'm positive that this is something you'll work on eventually.

And lastly..the art. Now look, I get it. This is probably the best you can draw and do but the art looks rather sluggish and disorienting with nothing standing out. Best to find someone to draw for you if you aren't skilled in arts.

Apart from this, I can't really say much because its still work in progress.

3 weeks ago
Controls Game Graphics

I played upto level 3 and I got too frustrated from level 4 onwards...feels like a Super Meat boy vibe only nowhere as violent or graphical as said game.


1. Great controls for a game like this.
2. Getting four key items to complete a level gives a clear and a simple goal.
3. Nice music.


1. Ok look..the visuals need some serious improvements. A lot of your platforms are just gradients that can easily be done using just the game engine's sprite editor(i'm going to assume that you are using game maker studio for this game?). This also applies to the enemies themselves. I understand that this is an early version and all but the problem is that the main player is well thought out but the other aspects aren't which made me head scratch a bit.

2. The level design while nice so far is not quite fleshed out. The third level has platforms that are way too high and you can't jump freely as you would normally on the lower platforms when it comes to those platforms. Some platforms are too thin making it difficult to jump on. If you must have those thin platforms, I suggest adding some floating mechanic inorder to land on such platforms much easily.

3. I hate that one hit kill start over mechanic. Its done to death and in this game, it needs to be balanced. Since you require four shapes to complete a level, why not add a checkpoint for each time you collect one shape? Or even better, how about spawning all the four shapes at once instead of spawning them one by one whenever you collect one? This will give the player the freedom to collect whichever one instead of the more linear approach.

This is all I can come up with so far from what I played.

3 weeks ago

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