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Kor its a casual game that you have to control a platform and a ball.Destroy the core, breaking the walls that are protecting it.Tap on both sides to control your platform.

Lost Colors

Hi all! Lost colors it's a top down game inspired by games like Zelda, Moonligther, Binding of Isaac... Where the main point of the game is pass as much rooms as you can killing a lot of enemies and playing with your memory skills! The original idea was designed for a personal one game a week challenge that I'm currently doing, but I've fallen in love with the idea and I'll continue it! For more information check my twitter!

Mechanics Game Graphics

Excelent idea, a little bit dizzy at the beginning, but I think with other color palette it will be okay! Nice work!

8 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

Love the art work in this game, the only thing that I need to fully enjoy this game, its add more game feel to the game, give more feedback from whats happening in the game to the user, you can check some videos like: - Jan Willem Nijman - Vlambeer - "The art of screenshake" - Game Feel: Why Your Death Animation Sucks

Nice work!

8 years ago
Level Design Controls

Nice job with the level design.
I think I found a bug, in the level that you have to switch characters pressing Z, I can't switch with any character!

When you jump, if you hold the direction key, you go really fast, maybe you can fix this adding a flying animation, or directly controlling the velocity when you are in the air.

Very cool the day light!

Nice work!

8 years ago

Oh, I didn't saw the egg! I will continue playing your game, thanks!

8 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

Nice art work, the game needs a lot of feedback to the user whose playing it!

At the beginning, I killed the yellow enemy, I got stuck in the air and needed to exit the game and start again.
Improve the colliders, you can climb the ladder without touching it! haha

You can check examples of game feel from this videos: - Jan Willem Nijman - Vlambeer - "The art of screenshake" - Game Feel: Why Your Death Animation Sucks

Nice idea and work!, waiting for more updates to try it!

8 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

This game is highly addictive! Very good work, maybe a tutorial at the beginning would nice to learn to play.

You can improve the game maybe adding "evil bunnies" that you have to avoid to get into the hole, or adding a bunny limit on the screen, this could help to add more frenetism to the game.

Nice work!

8 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

A tutorial at the beginning would nice to understand well how functions the game, I took a minute to understand how to build barricades haha.

The game idea is nice, but needs a lot of work to make a difference to the other zombie like games.
Maybe you can add more weapons like mines or something like that.
You can add visual warnings for see from which side are coming the spiders.

Check these videos to add more game feel to your game: - Jan Willem Nijman - Vlambeer - "The art of screenshake" - Game Feel: Why Your Death Animation Sucks

Nice work!

8 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Nice work here! The only thing that I found its a little bit annoying its the audio effects when shooting, when I was killing the boss, I had to quit my headphones!

Maybe you can add more visual feedback, like screenshake when destroying enemies, or flashes when shooting.
Different animations patterns on enemies I think it would be cool too.

You can check games like R-Type to see enemies patterns :)

Keep updating!

8 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Nice art work!

This game needs a tutorial at the beginning or something explaining the main mechanic, I can´t pass the first battle because I don´t know if I can block attacks or avoid them.

I didn´t know when stop hitting the cauldron, it always drop blue balls!
More visual feedback would be cool too.

Keep updating!

8 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Nice idea!
It was impossible for me to finish the first level, a lot of enemies and too much cooldown between shoots!
You can add weapon upgrades (machine guns, explosive shoots, other "tower" autocontrolled...) or something to kill better the badboys.
Maybe you can add more barrels as you kill more enemies.

Nice work and keep updating!

8 years ago

Thanks for the review!

I'll fix the google play services error and improve physics in the next release!

About the controls, I know at the beginning is a bit confusing, but it's one of the main points of the game to make it more challenging haha.

I'll update this roast when I update the game, it will be soon! :)


8 years ago

Hi!, first of all, thank you very much for trying and reviewing my game!

I will test your advice about moving the paddle a smaller amount.
Maybe the first two levels can be a little bit more slower to make the player get used to controls easily :).

Thanks for the advices, I'll update soon!

8 years ago

Thanks for trying the game!, I played your game and I'll add a review soon!

8 years ago

Wow, thank you very much for the review!

You are totally right with "Right now it kind of feels like a quick but awesome project made by a programmer" haha!

- Amazing idea changing colors gradually, I'll add it in the next release!
- Refering to add some button for control, I tested it when I was creating the game and a lot of people found more difficult and confusing with buttons!
- I'll test the features, start always with the same color and a droplet circle :)
- About the screenshake, totally right!!, I'll add it in the next release :D

Now I'm having some problems with the signing certificate and probabble I'll have to create a new application :(.

I'll update ASAP.

8 years ago

Wow, its very addictive!

Maybe you can add new game modes as for example, "blind" mode, sometimes disappear the shapes line and you have to remember the positions from the last time you saw them.
Another one can be "troll" mode, if you drag to one side, the shapes moves to the other.

I think it can add to your game more challenges to the already existing!

Very nice work!

8 years ago

haha, at this moment I don't have any apple device to test and compile it, probably in June I'll get one!

8 years ago

Thanks for the review, I'll upload a new version of the game in June! And it will be with an IOS version too :)

In that version I'll include the feature that at the beginning the ball increase it's speed while you play the game.

I like the idea of changing the playfield size! I'll test it and probabbly it will be released in the next version too! :D

Thanks again for the feedback, I'll try all your advices!

8 years ago

Hi, first of all, thank you very much for your opinion! It helps me a lot!

I'm new in game development and I'm currently doing one game a week, Lost Colors was the fifth game made! (But I really liked the idea and I dedicated 2 weeks instead of only 1 to release a playable version)
The tutorial was made the last day very quickly, I forgot how much important it is! I have in my to-do list improve it! haha

About the grammar errors, sorry! English it's not my native language and I'm learning too! haha, in future releases I'll put more effort on it. Thanks for the corrections!

You are right about the meaning of bosses in the game, I'll try to make it for attached to the main mechanic of the game!
I have planned to introduce a Shop in the game that the player could buy items (all with in-game money, I'll add "coin" drop to monsters or something), weapons or accesories like an item to see the life of the enemies/bosses, a one use item to see the last enemy color you kill in the room...

I'm going to add in the next release checkpoints by every boss! In the room you spawn, I'll add 2 doors, one to go to last checkpoint and other to start the game again since the begining.

I'll review the sound volume and xbox controls!

Thank you again so much! You've helped me a lot :).

I hope this week I'll upload a new release!

7 years ago