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On Lights Off: Ultimate Puzzle

On Lights Off: Ultimate Puzzle is a game about turning on & off the lights. What makes it unique is the logic behind the game. 6 switches with different behaviors and very difficult levels will make the players think.Features:- 50 stages with 10 special stages- 10 difficulty level with increasing stages- 6 different switches- In game tutorial: you don't need to play starting tutorial to learn the logic!- 12 languages

Vovu: A Minimal & Original Game to Relax

Vovu is a minimal and original puzzle game to relax...100% INDIE GAME Take a break, sit back, have a coffee and relax...   RELAXING MUSIC! Vovu is a minimal puzzle game developed to play anywhere, anytime! You will enjoy cleverly crafted stages and simple game logic. Vovu helps you to keep calm thanks to its beautiful background music with sounds of nature and relaxing piano. FEATURES: - Two different UI colors including night mode. - Music and sound effects can be turn off / on. - Easy to learn how to play. - Each stage needs a new strategy to solve it.

Game Graphics Controls

I very like the game design. What I love is the wings of the chicken :)) However, controls are very problematic. I'm sure that you decided to make the controls like this way to make the game harder but I think it makes the gameplay harder. What I can suggest to you is that make the controls better and let the player enjoy the game.

Graphics are very lovely and I really like this type of UI. However I can suggest you to change the graphics of thorns. I don't know what you can replace them with, but I'm sure you can find something better. First time when I play the game, I didn't understand what are they actually :)

4 years ago

Thanks for your detailed review. Most of the users are in same opinion with you, and I totally agree. The problem is that, 6 different switches has 6 different behaviours and I don't have any other chance to inform the player other than a tutorial. However I would say the player whenever s/he wants to leave the tutorial, back button is working. I know that it is hard to understand in the beginning, and each 5th game is about spot lights. However, I added a skipping button for players to leave these sepecial stages. I see that I am not successful about indicating UI and gameplay :) What I can do for the game is, I can remove the tutorial in the beginning, because whenever you want to play tutorial, you can easily find it on homepage. Next time when I create a new game, I will pat attention about your concerns :)

4 years ago

Thank you :)

4 years ago

I think it is easy enough :)

4 years ago

Thank you!

4 years ago

Grav Changer (Change the gravity)