Seagull Hunting Extreme


Uh oh! After they ruin the circus, get revenge on those disgusting birds! Kill very large amounts of seagulls to try to beat your high score! After you die, use your points at the store Clowns "R" Us to buy better weapons! Then use the new weapons to try to beat your score again! Non stop bird killing fun!

exclamation on store icon when you can buy something

raised the height of the text on some store icons so it looks nicer

changed the hitbox on the cursor to be more like the actual windows cursor

shadow on the player

you can skip the intro if you have played the game before

better timing on explosions

save last weapon used

you dont jump when you buy something with z

the player wears a santa hat if you are playing in the month of december

the elephant is the gop elephant if you are playing on election day


Sypher0rax 2 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I love the graphics of this game ! They are simple but beautiful. The gameplay is good too, it's fun to kill some seagull, controls aren't bad, but the jump physic is a bit weird to be honest. Also, you should add all the controls, because i needed to try 5-6 times before finding the fire button. Overall it's good ! :)

sman 2 years ago

ill work on some of those things you suggested

xmatos 2 years ago

Simple, yet high skill, well done!
Music gets annoying after a bit, it would help to have more songs.
I think it would be cool if you could loop the scene(like if you went all the way to the left you would end up in the right), right now, there is no purpose to be in the lower left and right corners, because you just trap yourself there.
The graphics themselves aren't that great, but the effects are on point, really makes the game feel alive.
Controls feel great, nothing bad to say there.
That's it, good work and good luck

DyingSilence 2 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Very fun and juicy game!
Had a hi-score of 171. Liked the game thorugh, although it's funny that the starter gun is the best. The second best is the baloon gun. I didn't like that i was forced to buy weapons when trying to jump with my high score.

sman 2 years ago

thats a pretty good score!
to me the best gun is the human cannonball launcher, and the starter gun is the 2nd best.
anyway im glad you enjoyed the game, and will change it so you dont jump when buying a weapon!

Divinorium 2 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Interesting game.
Simple graphics that get the job done.
My biggest complain is that the first gun is... not fun. also the arena should have more way to maneuver. Because of the layout i generealy ended in a corner jumping and shooting without stop.

rromao 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Nice job.
I had some problems with the upgrade guns, for some reason the first one worked better with me. But I'm not complaining!

The major problem to me is the game overall graphic! The colors are too bright and not balanced. I suggest a rework on that.

Great job!

sman 2 years ago

i will consider changing the colors, but i have moved on to my next game, and probably wont update it again unless a lot of people request something

BackNowhere 2 years ago

Mechanics Controls
Hey great idea with this one, I can definitely see the value in this game.

I did however find the difficulty curve at the beginning to be just slightly too steep. I enjoyed earning the popcorn gun, only to be frustrated out of continuing by my inability to earn the next upgrade in the next few tries (I got to 28 before buying the popcorn gun but just didn't get the 30).

It may be beneficial to tweak the game play to allow for a faster progression in the beginning, in order to draw more players into becoming invested long term. Making the second upgrade cheaper, lowering the hp of the seagulls, or increasing the damage of the popcorn gun could all be possible solutions in this regard.

I also found myself stumbling over the controls more often than I would like to admit. For me at least the space bar would be a more appropriate Jump and Left Ctrl a better shoot.

This is however all completely subjective and should be taken as just the opinion of one person.

Variety in the music would also be a benefit.

All in all great product and I look forward to the improvements :)


WangleLine 2 years ago

I like the short explanation before the intro, which explains the controls using one image.
Using a german keyboard, the Z and Y buttons are reversed. I would like to change my keyboard bindings / controls in the options menu.
I don't know how to skip the intro and or the control explanation (Escape just terminates the game instantly).
Whenever I die, I have to pick up my mouse and click the retry button. Please make it, so I can retry a level by pressing space or enter. This would be nice. Thanks!

sman 2 years ago

if enough people want it, i will make it so you can customize the controls
also, i probably should have put this somewhere in the game, but when you die pressing the "r" key will restart the level, just as the retry button does. also you should be able skip the intro by pressing any key except escape

augustoad 2 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
Love the simple arcade way this game works! I'm constantly harassed by birds at my university. This was a catharsis.

I enjoy the way the game freezes when you hit, it gives you time to think.

Other levels would be nice. Also some colors were too strong to my eyes, but maybe it was just me.
Roast Em


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