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Pickup N' Fight

Fighting game to play with your friends on the couch !A lot of fun with this up to 4-players local game ! Challenge your friends in 3 differents gamemode (for now!) and more than 70 different weapons that you can pickup and throw as you wish ! Xbox controller requiered to play.  (Coming soon : Team-Deatmatch, magic spell, more weapons !) Feel free to give your feedback about the game, the game is still in developement and I need your opinion about what's good and bad :)

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I love the graphics of this game ! They are simple but beautiful. The gameplay is good too, it's fun to kill some seagull, controls aren't bad, but the jump physic is a bit weird to be honest. Also, you should add all the controls, because i needed to try 5-6 times before finding the fire button. Overall it's good ! :)

1 year ago

Pickup N' Fight