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Hello!I've been working in a game called An excuse of game, for real, and i need some feedback. So what is the game about? The game will be a town-management with turn-based combat. With focus on developing your characters. But right now there's only the combat system on. So i would like some feedback in what should be the focus of development to make it a better experience.(i know it has a long way to go, but feedback would help me to see what's the biggest priority to work on)   Also recently the artist joined the development, less than a week, so bear in mind the game is mostly no graphical.(We are already working on that)

Game Graphics Mechanics

I like the concept.

Pathfinding sometimes goes back one cell before going where you clicked.
While i see that it's listed as a puzzle game i believe it would be beneficial to add enemies with more health and different attack patterns so it would increase the difficulty of the game, instead of the "walk to the diagonal and kill it."
Also i think a timer or a turn counter could benefit the game.

2 months ago

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