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AnExcuseOfGame v0.36

Hello guys! While the tutorial isn't ready a small image to help the player to not get completely lost at: https://imgur.com/a/9xB4U We still at it. Sorry the long delay between versions. Kinda of a crazy month. In this version i tried to implement Fullscreen. I'm aware of bugs in the combat screen, but there's a reason for that. Keep reading. I need your opinion. Academy to train stats is working. Also i reworked the UI based in some feedback i got. Also the battle auto-resolve system is in place, if you end day with a mission ready to launch the game will auto resolve, still ALOT of adjustes but it's a start. V0.34 - Fullscreen implementation part 1V0.35 - Academy working and rework in how the GUI is.v0.36 - Auto-resolve not balanced at all but a start. So here's the deal guys: I'm thinking in focusing the game more in the town building and dropping the combat part. That way the game can go deeper and be focused ONLY in building your town, building your team and sending them into missions. Missions would be autoresolved, but in a way better system thant it's in place. I wanted to know, What you guys think? Please leave feedback.

Game Graphics Mechanics

I like the concept.

Pathfinding sometimes goes back one cell before going where you clicked.
While i see that it's listed as a puzzle game i believe it would be beneficial to add enemies with more health and different attack patterns so it would increase the difficulty of the game, instead of the "walk to the diagonal and kill it."
Also i think a timer or a turn counter could benefit the game.

4 months ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Interesting game.
Simple graphics that get the job done.
My biggest complain is that the first gun is... not fun. also the arena should have more way to maneuver. Because of the layout i generealy ended in a corner jumping and shooting without stop.

1 month ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Strange to not be able to choose "audio" in needs more work. Because it's the only part of this game i didn't like.

I like how you quite succesfuly made a game 2d feels like dark souls. And the "rolling" animations made me smile.

Things that you have to take a look int:
Audio.(it got really annoying, really fast.)
The "strong" attack animation is too long, make it impossible to use.
I would like to be able to pick more weapons/classes at the start.

1 month ago

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