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I like the short explanation before the intro, which explains the controls using one image.
Using a german keyboard, the Z and Y buttons are reversed. I would like to change my keyboard bindings / controls in the options menu.
I don't know how to skip the intro and or the control explanation (Escape just terminates the game instantly).
Whenever I die, I have to pick up my mouse and click the retry button. Please make it, so I can retry a level by pressing space or enter. This would be nice. Thanks!

1 year ago

Hello there!
I'm WangleLine, a young gamedev from Germany. Back in 2012, I had a sudden interest in making videogames, so I downloaded GameMaker and started making crappy and half-baked games. Over the time, I released some smaller games and I started getting better at everything. I really enjoy doing sound design / music and coding. I think that there's nothing more important than player's feedback and that's why i'm here!
The project I am currently working on is a space-themed puzzle game called "sventba". It's a game about an old factory you explore on your own and I even made five devlog-ish videos about this game on my youtube channel "WangleLine":

Thanks! :D

1 year ago
Mechanics Level Design

I really love the mechanics / the core concept of the game. It's something I haven't seen yet in games and I think that with enough polishing, this could be a really cool little game!
The controls feel really spongy and not responsive at all. It's as if there's a delay between me pressing a button and the block actually moving.
What I dislike the most about your game is the lack of a tutorial. I'm not talking about text boxes that explain every mechanic in the most boring way. I'm talking about hidden tutorials, letting the player explore new mechanics and features in a safe environment, instead of having to complete a level just to die at the end because there's no way I could have known that some kind of block kills me. Add more levels for newcomers and add Arrow Key Controls, so people can play using the controls they're used to.

11 months ago

Yep, I totally agree. This is a place to get feedback for (mostly) unfinished games, if I remember correctly.
If you have to pay for a game before you can help out the developer, it shouldn't be allowed to be here.
Giving feedback and advice is something we give to the devs for free.

11 months ago

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