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Aztorim Crown Chapter 1 : G0ldF4rm3r

A  game about a real-life problem. While trying to survive in an economic destroyed country an email changes everything!   Never heard of the famous Aztorim Crown? It's an MMORPG where some players made a TON of money by farming gold and goods there!     This is just a fictional story, based on true facts and in a true game.   Any and all download buttons will just bring you to the site, so enjoy it!        PS: Be honest in your review, I really want to take this project forward.

Mechanics Game Graphics

Nice job.
I had some problems with the upgrade guns, for some reason the first one worked better with me. But I'm not complaining!

The major problem to me is the game overall graphic! The colors are too bright and not balanced. I suggest a rework on that.

Great job!

1 year ago

Seagull Hunting Extreme