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Seagull Hunting Extreme

Uh oh! After they ruin the circus, get revenge on those disgusting birds! Kill very large amounts of seagulls to try to beat your high score! After you die, use your points at the store Clowns "R" Us to buy better weapons! Then use the new weapons to try to beat your score again! Non stop bird killing fun!


a puzzle game

Physics Game Graphics

not bad!
here are some things that could be improved:

graphics (the graphics look good, but when it scales up to fit the screen it gets pixelated and gross)

physics (honestly the physics are pretty good, but just make everything happen faster, like the gravity and movement and that countdown in the beginning)

and finally, make the camera look in front of the player, not behind the player

1 year ago

i would let you interview me but i would like to stay anonymous. I would still answer questions about the game and development process of course.

1 year ago

i will follow you on itch so i can be notified when you update it

1 year ago

ill work on some of those things you suggested

1 year ago

thats a pretty good score!
to me the best gun is the human cannonball launcher, and the starter gun is the 2nd best.
anyway im glad you enjoyed the game, and will change it so you dont jump when buying a weapon!

1 year ago

i will consider changing the colors, but i have moved on to my next game, and probably wont update it again unless a lot of people request something

11 months ago

if enough people want it, i will make it so you can customize the controls
also, i probably should have put this somewhere in the game, but when you die pressing the "r" key will restart the level, just as the retry button does. also you should be able skip the intro by pressing any key except escape

10 months ago

thanks for your feedback!
i will try to fix the bug with the lighthouse part

8 months ago

thanks for the feedback! yes, the lighthouse puzzle taking long to load is intentional, i thought it kind of broke up the game better. and i plan on making an update to this game, and will be sure to add a secret area in the maze, along with some other secret areas in other places!

7 months ago

thanks for the feedback!
yeah the jumping is pretty bad but i am working on other things now so it will probably never get fixed (including a sequel to this game!)
also i dont know if you care, but you can go through the game multiple times and stuff will change

5 months ago


Seagull Hunting Extreme