An adventure 2D RPG Game!
This is just a demo, working on the full game


Red_Phantom_RP 1 day ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Lots of Potential keep going!

+ Simple but nice graphics.
+ Accessibility of the game.
+ Sound effects
+ Controls
+ Guide

- Difficulty: enemies move too quickly making it too easy for you to die.
- Collision masks/hit-boxes are too big in general.
- Music
- Length of demo (though I assume this will increase)
- Name of the game (imo)

o Make the collision masks/hit-boxes smaller
o Slow down the enemies
o Make/use better music
o Make the game bigger

LMGameDev 14 hours ago

Thanks for reviewing mate!!

So about the collision I have already done an improvement just haven't launched yet.

The name has a meaning and will be explained during the story.

Also I'm not good composing but I'm working on it haha.

And will have far more levels just need finish them.

About the enemies speed, I'm trying to find the bet number for it!!

Thanks again. I really appreciate!

MidgardianDev 1 day ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I played the demo and here are my thoughts.

The pixel art is charmingly retro but the game mechanics need some work.

The first pathway down all you need to do is stand at the edge of the screen and the baddie from the next screen down will bum rush you and kill you from outside the screen. It seems like half the time I try to go down that path to the next screen I am instantly greeted by the you died screen.

The player hitbox needs reducing since trying to move into 1 tile wide spaces is rather annoying with the player hitbox being exactly 1 tile space.

The enemies could stand to be slowed down a bit for better player reaction time and the starting health of the player is not full and one shot = death.

still this game does have potential.

LMGameDev 14 hours ago

Thanks for reviewing. I'm aware about all of this and I'm working to correct them all!
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