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Dot Debug

DOT Debug is a stealth-action game about a "Debugger".Defeat the bugs, or just sneak past them, or use various tools to destroy them.I'd love any kind of feedback, but here's some things i've been wondering about specifically...What works better on Android, virtual d-pad or swipe-movement (change in options) Difficulty? Pacing - does the game take too long to introduce more mechanics? Whether the upgrades in the shop are too cheap, or too expensive? What works, and what doesn't The game is available for both Windows and Android.

Game Graphics Mechanics

Quite a neat game, it felt quite fun.

Some things that could be improved:

-A better run animation? something more expressive could work wonders. Currently it looks more like the character is sliding around rather than running.

-The spikes initially didn't look like spikes to me, I thought it was a fence or something. Not a major problem, but maybe add a blood-like pattern to them or make them less uniform.

-the horizontal move speed doesn't seem to match up with the jump speed. It's like you move left/right too slow, and maybe jump/fall a bit too fast.

-just giving more combat options could improve the game a lot. maybe a charge shot, or something.

The foundations are solid though. good work.

1 year ago
Game Graphics Animation

I love the graphics and basic mechanics

besides the collision masks, I think having a proper attack animation would help immensely.

1 year ago

Looks like the game has potential,

something that could help with the presentation is giving the jelly a bit of a wobble when it jumps or lands

1 year ago

Thank you very much!!!
Loving the feedback :)

I am quite unsure about the music myself, do you think I should lower the default music volume, or select less intense music? or maybe just add a quick mute option in the pause menu? (a lot of mobile games have this option)

I'm happy to see the virutal d-pad works. I find it cumbersome compared to swiping, but that might be because i'm not entire comfortable with touch controls myself lol. I have noticed my friend had real trouble wrapping his head around the swipe movement, so you might be right in that dpad is a easy to understand control scheme. I think i'll make the dpad the default.

Good idea about the colour changing, I just sorta left it shuffling between colours because I was unsure what colours to use, but I think you're right, it would make the levels feel more distinct if they have individual colour themes.

Once again, thanks for the feedback :)

1 year ago

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