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YouTuber Tap

Youtuber tap is just a cheap, tacky, boring, trash, idle-clicker game. Where you just click the youtube button. But, you can also enable ads, create videos, and more!

The Lost Hex - Chapter One

The Lost Hex is a small and short RPG where you save the world and the universe and villains are really unfair and overpowered.


Nothing is as easy as it seems.

Level Design Controls

The Level design is good, but the controls need work.

8 months ago

Just to let you know, im not updating this game, anymore. I'm pretty much done with it.

7 months ago
Mechanics Controls

Everything's amazing! But could you add some kinda control configuration menu?
I'm sick of using the arrow keys...\

4 months ago
UI Graphics Level Design

Ah yes. Reminds me of Smashy Road. Or Crossy Road, but from a car's perspective.
Keep going!

4 months ago
Animation Physics

Hmmm. The Android version is busted. Its completley down. I tried to open it on a Samsung Galaxy S7, and it worked. But then, I tried it on an S8, and it went straight to a black screen. Fix this please.

4 months ago
Level Design Physics

Hmm. Has loads of potential! But why is it so hard to go through doorways?

Also, how about a Mac version? I use a Windows laptop, but when I'm on the go, I'll use a Mac. And there's no Mac version!!! D:

4 months ago

Thank you for your kind words Daniel! I have already started work on the sequel!

(Stop Here if you don't like spoilers)

Trolled 2:Tag Team is a Co-Op game where you have to work together with your partner to complete levels and do a little something called 'Teamwork'. Like jumping on each other's heads, and things like that.

Then There's Trolled 3. A more complex game and a different turn on the series. With insane difficulty. I'll try and add some enemies too! and endings!

4 months ago

Then I have Trolled Origins, A return to the Original Trolled game.

And That's all the trolled games I've ever made, but not published here yet.

4 months ago

If you are interested, I can send you an early copy of Trolled 3, and Trolled 2 by email/Discord.

Email: blueshoe9000@gmail.com
Discord: LeafEdge#4408

4 months ago

Citadel Stormer

The Lost Hex - Chapter One