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Journey of a Sprite

 An adventure 2D RPG Game!This is just a demo, working on the full game Download

Game Graphics Level Design

Loved the game style so adding news enemies like a big boss that can shoot you too would be awesome and maybe s rainbow enimie that gives you more coins or ammo.
Also the ammo ends very fast, when you are in the wave 4 or more so adding a way to get ammo during the wave would help a lot
Futhermore, maybe decreasing the effects volume would be good too I just got a huge jump scary when launched it for the first time.

1 year ago

Gonna check it!! I saw the devlog on itchio haha

1 year ago

Thanks for reviewing mate!!

So about the collision I have already done an improvement just haven't launched yet.

The name has a meaning and will be explained during the story.

Also I'm not good composing but I'm working on it haha.

And will have far more levels just need finish them.

About the enemies speed, I'm trying to find the bet number for it!!

Thanks again. I really appreciate!

1 year ago

Thanks for reviewing. I'm aware about all of this and I'm working to correct them all!

1 year ago

Harpoon Harry: Underwater action shoot'em-up