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Unnamed Top Down Shooter

This is a top down shooter that I'm working on. There isn't a story to it, and as of right now, I'm not planning on adding a story. The main purpose of this game is to be a game where you can have quick fun, as you face overwhelming odds.

Click Click Cubes

THIS GAME IS NO LONGER UP ON THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE. IF IT IS EVER PUT ON THERE AGAIN, THIS MESSAGE WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE DESCRIPTION. IF I DO PUT IT BACK UP ON THERE, I'LL REMAKE THE ENTIRE GAME.Click Click Cubes is a simple, and addictive game. It's a game, in which you must click cubes, each coming with their own traits. You must tap the correct cubes, and you must tap them quickly. This game will test your reactions, so be ready!   This game works without WiFi, or Mobile Data. This means you can play this game off-line without any internet connection at all. You can play it anywhere without needing to worry about your connection. Show your friends how great you are at this game!   This game isn't a turn based game, and this game will test your reactions. Many of the cubes within the games have a cooldown, and if you aren't fast enough, a cube which could have earned you points, may end up costing you, or even worse, make you lose out on a potential high score. This game has no preset levels. This game starts off with one cube, and progresses to a 6x6 grid of cubes, spawning more cubes as you tap on cubes. This means this game will be different every time, and you'll have to figure out what every cube does in order to get a high score. Good luck!   This game is mostly randomised, with various things within this game happening within intervals, for example, a bonus stage (Whenever all boxes are cleared, and a green box appears) occurs at 50, 100, 200, 400... points, and it keeps on doubling.   There are currently 8 different cube types within the game, and there may or may not be more within future updates. Each box type comes with its own unique attributes, and provide different effects. Figuring out how each box type performs differently from the rest is key in getting a higher score.  Have fun, and thank you for playing my game!

Unnamed Racing Game

Hello everyone!This is an unnamed racing game that I've been working on for a while. I used a couple of assets from the asset store within this project, mainly for the graphics (i.e. car, speedometer, and race track) whereas the AI was made by me.Controls:Arrow Keys - MoveX - Look behindV - Change SceneCurrently, this version cycles between 7 scenes, giving you 3 tracks to play in (tracks are reused). You'll also get to try out different cars within the scenes. The total playtime should be ~30 minutes.

Game Graphics

From what I'm seeing, the graphics are what needs the most work from your game. Since I can't play it, I can't give any more advice

2 years ago

The game seems to be too similar to the flash games which involve you crashing, getting hit etc. then free falling, but it seems like there's more obstacles, and well, more to it than this game. That's not me saying that it's a bad game though, just that it should have more to separate itself from other games.

2 years ago

This game is ridiculously offensive, and not in a good way. If you want to make an offensive game, it has to be a good game; not a cheap one. You also probably shouldn't take pride in the fact that your game got banned from a website

2 years ago

Thank you for the feedback!

And the Toon Shaders thing is because I'm planning on changing all of the graphics to look more Toony in the future, but it isn't my main priority right now, so I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

2 years ago

I'm not sure of what happened to the game, but the website is down

2 years ago

The physics seem to be a little off; the character falls slowly

2 years ago

I'll try to have controller support implemented within the future, sorry about that. I'll also try to improve the first stage

1 year ago

I watched my friend play this game. The cars are too expensive, and the AI car in the first level is way too fast. As well as the door in the first level opening too slow. Overall, I'd say that you should revisit it all.

8 months ago
Controls Mechanics

Pretty fun. I played it with my friend, but I can't play it on my own for some reason. The game just won't let me.

Also I should probably say, me and my friend found out that fire rate doesn't matter, because you can just spam left click to fire faster.

8 months ago

It's just the Unity example project

8 months ago

I'm not quite sure on what I'm supposed to do in this game. I played this with my friend, but the enemies kept on bugging out. They'd flicker, and sometimes they'd only appear on my screen and not my friend's, and vice versa

8 months ago

Your game would work if you changed it, and gave it a more retro look, maybe with some post-processing. If it looked like it came from the 90s, people would like the graphics a bit more. That's just a way to get around the graphics, of course. Otherwise, you should probably use Blender or Probuilder to create assets for your game.

8 months ago
Mechanics Physics

I went through Roast My Game and saw this one, so I decided to play it again. If you are to ever update the game again, you should adjust the game so that the car doesn't bounce around at the beginning when you increase the bounciness, and so that it's easier to go onto the ramp without boosting. As of right now, the front of your car collides with the ramp, causing the car to flip a little, which can mess up your jump.

Reviewing my previous comment on your game though, I don't think the problem with the game is to do with what's in the game, but with aesthetics. If there was, for example, a vs mode with this game, I could imagine it being pretty fun with what's in the game, since the boosting to dodge objects is sort of a fun mini game. So I wouldn't necessarily say that the game needs more objects. In fact, I'd argue that the boosting to dodge objects works better than having objects in the air, as that's harder to dodge. But regardless of that, I think the problem with the game is to do with aesthetics .

I think if the game had more particles upon collision, maybe even a different trail renderer for the boosting, it'd look a lot better, which will help with playing the game for longer periods of time (here's a pack that you could use: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/particles/epic-toon-fx-57772). It could maybe use some sounds, although I'm not too sure on where you'll find any good ones.

So overall, improving this game would be polishing the physics so that the car doesn't bounce around, improving the aesthetics, preferably with something that matches the game (you may also want to improve the graphics, here's a toon pack that you could use: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/toony-colors-pro-2-8105), adding more sound, and making the game harder as you progress, maybe with different enemy types (I've only seen the car and the bin). I'm not too sure on how long the game goes on for, so I don't really know if anything comes up next.

Hopefully you do get to read this, since I don't think people use this site as much as they used to.

7 months ago
Level Design

Game's really fun, and seems to have a fair difficulty curve. Not too sure if this game has had a full release, but it'd be pretty nice if we could play the game with more levels, and if each level had a hard mode, making the game even harder.

7 months ago

The game's pretty fun, but after some time it bugged out, and I couldn't move at all.

7 months ago

Thank you for the comment!
I'll make sure to add something to stop the camera from moving around so much in a later update. I also will be getting new engine sounds, but I'm not too sure on when.

7 months ago

Thank you for the comment!

7 months ago

Thank you for the comment!
I'm planning on changing most of the art. The entire UI is mostly a placeholder, and the tracks, to be honest. I'm planning on changing the physics too to make them more arcadey.

5 months ago

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