Unnamed Top Down Shooter


This is a top down shooter that I'm working on. There isn't a story to it, and as of right now, I'm not planning on adding a story. The main purpose of this game is to be a game where you can have quick fun, as you face overwhelming odds.

Revamped the AI. I'm still working on it, but I have a playable version of the AI currently, which is better than the last AI I had.

Improved AI
More weapons
More pickups
More levels


Orsailius 6 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Pretty cool game!
The small special effects on weapon pickups, your weapon fire and when bullets explode all look great. The movement and controls feel right and the sound effects are good. This game looks like it will be great when finished!

There are lots of little issues though
- I don't think the HUD scales with resolution, it seems off in 16:9
- The back of the starting area constantly flickers
- There is no explanation of what any of the numbers mean or what I'm supposed to be doing
- The text below your character 'wobbles' when you move
- It feels like I die for no reason sometimes
- Some objects have a Toon shader and others don't
- There is no map and some areas are just 'open' so you kind of lose frame of reference
- The enemies shoot at me before they appear on screen
- The enemies also shoot at me when there is a wall between us
- It lags when you die
- The sound effects in general are laggy and cut out sometimes
- I personally find the zooming while moving thing annoying, but that might be my problem

Keep it up!

jlunsi 6 years ago

Thank you for the feedback!

And the Toon Shaders thing is because I'm planning on changing all of the graphics to look more Toony in the future, but it isn't my main priority right now, so I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

LanceJZ 6 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
The graphics are very nice. And the game looks to have positional. I'm a fan of top-down view with 3D graphics 2D games.

First thing I noticed, is the controls need work. After chasing the red arrow at the start of the game and killing one dude, the player started running to the right non-stop. NO way to stop him. Next implement fire and the rest of the controls for the gamepad. I can move using it, but nothing else. I know that is very easy to do in Unity 3D as I use that as well.
I'm going to follow this game and watch your progress.

jlunsi 6 years ago

I'll try to have controller support implemented within the future, sorry about that. I'll also try to improve the first stage

LanceJZ 6 years ago

That would be great. Also, have a look at why it would go to the left non-stop using the keyboard.

Kira02 6 years ago

Mechanics Controls
Nice mechanics and graphics. But one f the biggest problems is the controls.You rly need to work on them.But anyway, nice game! :)

VincentVogl 7 months ago

Overall a great game.
But you should improve the controls, they are not intuitive
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