Vavio is a bullet hell where everything is synced to the music. There are 12 levels total, each with unique music and enemy patterns.


DyingSilence 4 years ago

Level Design Game Graphics
This does the thing my Dubmaku does, but way better.
This game is excellent, i have only one complaint: the bullets have no trails, and when there are a lot of them, it's very hard to keep up with how they are moving, specially with your bullets getting funky quite early on.

PeculiarCarrot 4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely have to check out Dubmaku, it looks really neat! I'll look into adding bullet trails. I'd thought about it before but I wasn't sure that it would fit. I'll try it out :)

SlimRam13 4 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Thoughts and critiques:
+ The minimalist art style is really nice. The colors you choose for the assets really complement each other.
+ The music is great too. At times it felt like I was playing a music game.
+ I like the different abilities. Though the icons for the abilities are really hard to see (was playing 1920 x 1080 windowed)
- It might be because I'm bad at bullet hell shooters, but this game gets really hard quickly. I wasn't able to get pass the first stage. The invincible pink guys made the 1st stage harder than it should've been.
-Speaking of the pink guys (filthy frank?), they made reading the bottom tutorial message difficult. I was to busy trying to dodge their shots to read the text.

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PeculiarCarrot 4 years ago

I've been getting a few complaints about the tutorial, I'm going to change it to be an independent level so it's not as chaotic while you're learning. Regarding the difficulty, I get some people saying that the game is way to easy starting out, and others say it's way too difficult. Since the game gets much more difficult as you progress, I think I'm going to keep the current difficulty and appeal to the more hardcore players that might play more bullet hells like this. I'll also look into changing the ability icons. Thanks for the feedback, I'll look at Titan Punk in a bit!

guyuzkr 4 years ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
Played it for a while and some things stood out:

+ Graphics choice for this kind of game is excellent.
+ Enjoyed the music and it's variety. The way new enemies enter the scene is amazing and the best part of it all.
+ Nice variety of enemy "nodes".
+ Love ability switching with mouse wheel/keyboard. Super intuitive.
- Poor tutorial. It's hard trying to dodge shitload of bullets and try to read text on the screen while trying to figure out what abilities it's talking about and how to use them. Too much at the same time.
- Invincible enemies are not that nice. After first restart or two it becomes apparent that sometimes you simply MUST dodge and should not try to kill it.
~ Massive spirals from invulnerable cubes makes me dizzy and disoriented.
~ Might be a steep learning cure or just a game not for me.

PeculiarCarrot 4 years ago

Thank you for the feedback! I'm definitely going to change up the tutorial since I've gotten a lot of complaints about it, and I agree with them. I'm aware that some people have trouble with some of the game's patterns, and I really don't feel that there's a lot I can do. It's a bullet hell aimed kind of for more hardcore audiences that have some experience in the genre, but it's still playable by others. I had a warning in the trailer regarding the patterns and colors, but I'm going to put one when the game starts up as well.

loohee 4 years ago

I understand why you went with a single color background, i'm guessing it's so that the user doesn't have a hard time seeing the projectiles, but even games like touhou which have like 40x the amount of projectiles your game's got going on has nice backgrounds, so maybe keep that in mind. Cheers!

jlunsi 3 years ago

Level Design
Game's really fun, and seems to have a fair difficulty curve. Not too sure if this game has had a full release, but it'd be pretty nice if we could play the game with more levels, and if each level had a hard mode, making the game even harder.

OiP 10 months ago

Animation Game Graphics
The particles look juicy, but there are not enough effects on the type of neon illumination, etc.

hazeycode 3 days ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Feel sick just watching the trailer. Cool!
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