Goofy Souls


Goofy Souls is a 2D top-down souls-like with an emphasis on tight controls, fluid combat, as well as roguelike and RPG elements.

Currently, you're able to pick from 2 very different characters and attempt to defeat the boss at the end of the level.

As you make progress, shortcuts open up which will allow you to avoid redoing content that you've already done.

Pre-Alpha Features:

  • Many enemies with unique attacks and deadly skill sets.
  • Use items such as molotovs and healing potions.
  • Sneak past enemies or hit them from behind for extra damage.
  • Use unique skills provided to you by the weapon you wield!
  • Chain together light and heavy attacks.
  • 1 medium sized level filled with loot and dangerous traps.
  • Keyboard and mouse input only at the moment.


DyingSilence 2 years ago

Controls Animation
Very nice game!

It has a nice flow, it's good to look at, the sounds are in their right places. I'm not sure how your level generator works - it gives nice levels, but the layouts get repetitive very quickly. I suspect there's no level generation at all.
There are render depth issues here and there, but nothing gamebreaking. What really deserves more work are animations. I see you understand anticipation, some of the attacks have even too much of an wind-up, but the impact frames are very neglected, making attacks not pop when they hit. A lack of sprite animation also makes it hard to recognize the enemy's state, but this won't be this much of a problem if you make weapon movements more expressive.

I was very interested in this project because I'm making a soulsborne roguelike myself. I was even worried, that you're making the same game but better. But after playing I see you are going for something very different than my idea. What a relief!
The game's called Nephilim Hunt, but there's nothing to look at yet.

DyingSilence 2 years ago

Further thoughts:
Estus flask is too much of a rip off to slide.
I like that you can set Unity launcher's keys properly.
I like the ability to spot dodge.
Walking slowly when out of stamina makes sense, but doesn't feel good gameplay wise.
Usable item setting itself to the new acquired is rather annoying.
Enemy HP resetting when exceeding aggro zone is bullshit.
Projectiles going through walls are kinda bullshit.
The aspect ratio of the game makes that the player sees more horizontaly than vertically, even though hazards are distributed the same both ways.
Clearing out the barrels before the first mini boss is just tedious. Would be dandy if it was possible with rolling.

PhaethonGames 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Really nice game.
The control and mechanics are easy too handle and quite smooth.
I found the music quickly annoying and the sound option are really a good thing.
Custom controls would be a plus for me.
Graphics and Sound improvements would be cool.

Kaiserness 2 years ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
This one's a gem!

I really, really like the pixel art that went into this game- It's very stylistic.
The controls are tight, the combat is fluent, and the RPG elements are right at home.

Divinorium 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Strange to not be able to choose "audio" in needs more work. Because it's the only part of this game i didn't like.

I like how you quite succesfuly made a game 2d feels like dark souls. And the "rolling" animations made me smile.

Things that you have to take a look int:
Audio.(it got really annoying, really fast.)
The "strong" attack animation is too long, make it impossible to use.
I would like to be able to pick more weapons/classes at the start.

loohee 2 years ago

Yeah i just added a slider for the music and audio instead of just on/off. Obviously music/sound effects atm are placeholders. Currently im working on adding the levelup system and attribute system, so that there's a level of progression in the game, which is what it is missing.


Troglobytes 1 year ago

Mechanics Animation
Nice game, this is something I would like to play!

Animation really needs more work (I think they should be faster); also, I think the combat should be a little bit more fast-paced.

MrPeace 1 year ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
your game is pretty cool. I like it

jlunsi 11 months ago

The game's pretty fun, but after some time it bugged out, and I couldn't move at all.

infecteffect 3 months ago

Mechanics Animation
Nice work! This game is fun. Continue to make awesome games.
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