Super Frog's Quest


Super Frog's Quest is a platformer reminiscent of the classic SNES era. The game is about a yet to be named frog who must rescue the tadpoles and his froggy family from the organized army of flies. Our friend will also encounter all sorts of other dangerous creatures and must use his frog abilities to conquer his foes.

At the moment, I've released a short demo to give players an idea of the final game. Posting this here to hopefully get some feedback and see what people think of it.

I'd recommend using a controller, preferrably an XBox controller. You may have to restart the game if you plug in the controller after the game is already loaded.

Controls are explained in the How To section of the game. Let me know what you think! :)


BackNowhere 2 years ago

Hey JC, Great game!

I very much enjoyed my play through, despite not understanding the power ups properly.

I streamed my test to YouTube in case you want to check it out.

I like where your going with the music but it probably could use a couple more iterations.

For me the jump felt floaty. I would definitely increase the gravity after the peak of the jump just so he comes down a bit faster. But this is subjective.

I felt some of the stalagmites on the floor in the caves looked a lot like they would damage me :)

I really like the enemy movement and the way they can be weaponised against other enemies. Coupled with the power ups (which again I didn't realise existed) makes for a very engaging platformer.

Really good work man, I can't wait to see how it improves :)


Daniel Griffin

jc 2 years ago

Thanks a lot, Daniel! And thanks for the compliments, haha.

Yeah, like you mentioned, the music and some of the sound effects are still unfinished. Composing is not my strong point. :/

A few notes after watching your playthrough. You can use the directional keys to control the direction of your tongue, which you can use on the enemies that fly above your head. Also, when you have something in your mouth, you can press down to swallow it. Some things will give you powers when you swallow them.

Looking back on it, maybe I should have made the How To section more clear.

Glad you enjoyed the game. :)


BackNowhere 2 years ago

Knowing all that I will stream another play through tomorrow :)

Roast Em


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