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Theater is a mystery adventure game and scenario editor! This game isn't just mod-friendly it's a mod-maker built in. The pixel art is in retro themed 1980s, cyberpunk, medieval and more. Download link available May 2021 at the official Discord server or the game Facebook. Now in 2021 playtesting. Great to see the RMG community testers and feedback cheers---- Info From the Facebook

Mechanics Level Design

I'm into classic novels AND mystery so maaaybe I'm a little biased - This is a great game concept! I'm by no means an expert reader so I love that this game feels like it'll introduce me to new novels too. The interface is slick and easy to understand and the puzzles were challenging without being confusing. I chose "needs work" on level design because it was unclear if there's a "gamey" aspect to quantifying a progression in puzzle difficulty or other advancements. If it's 'as is' intention then nevermind, felt good so far. Thanks for sharing

2 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

I understand the graphics are a bit rough and low frame rate but ... I think this might be the game's unique appeal. If it's polished a bit I'd say keep it. It kind of felt organic like I was looking in on a live stage of wallace and gromit, you know? by polishing it I mean keep the art style consistent with itself and don't try to outshine and overdo the animation. if low frame rate low animation detail is what's budgeted for, just animate the crucial super comedic parts. they'll stand out more if everything else is a little bit static. a criticism on the art style, again try for a little more consistency - some of it feels like photo textures popped in and others feel handdrawn and others feel like 3d rendering. some of it is colourful some of it more muted. It's a little confusing to the eye. I know, lots of 'art talk' here but other people covered the mechanics troubleshooting above. ... and since's it's point n click adventure, half the fun is the player interpreting the scene and finding stuff (or not finding it as appropriate to story LOL) . some of the clickable stuff felt a little 'sticky' or unresponsive . is it possible the game is designed best for a certain resolution and I should try something else? thanks for sharing best wishes

2 years ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

Looks like fun and my retro style. Can you please share what version of windows it is suited to? Or maybe what game engines you used? I will try installing it again. thank you best wishes

2 years ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

I played the heck out of the early kings quests so I loved this game. Thanks for the memorable slightly spoofy good time. The font was kind of hard to read in some places. is it a tff font file or art files? Just trying to troubleshoot if maybe i'd reload at a different resolution. best wishes

2 years ago
Level Design Controls

Looks like an interesting level and puzzle opportunities. What engine or design are you starting with? Best wishes please update when there's a link to check it out

2 years ago

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